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    Got back late last night from TJ. Took a car down for some body work and paint. The guys I take it to do great work at !/2 or less the price. (and they are 'leagles' there) ha ha Onward, There are alot of Federal troops there,they ride around in pickups or military transports armed with what looked like FALs with folders on them. They didn't look all that well taken care of, but they ride around in the dust in open trucks. Hey hard not to notice when they are stopped right next to you, yeppers I drive in Mexico. (don't signal, that seems to be like a challenge to other drivers.[dunno] Also two lanes can hold up to three cars abreast. An experience I can tell you. Onward, I got up early and grabbed a pair of pants, BDUs, OOOPS, gotta remember, not the USofA, blend in, grabbed my Burmuda shorts, and palm tree shirt. [nono] Well, jeans and tee shirt, hoody sweat shirt, tennies. If you think that all of mexico is like Guadalahara it is not, people live in what would be considered here to be sub-standard housing The have elect, indoor plumbing and running water but the construction would make a building inspector scream. There are shanty towns like the 'Give us your money' types hype. I have noticed alot of unfinished buildings there and don't know why. Alot of condo-apartment things all unoccupied. While [beer] and getting more meds, antibiotics, ect, I took time out to feed some kids, 3 tacos for a buck. (softie I know) . The crossing over was no stop, just drive on in, comming back was 'anything to declare, booze, cigs or prescriptions?'. Nope, don't need a 'script for the stuff I get, not there, and not narcotics. Might go down next week end, snowbyrd
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