Till Payday or Boot Review (Pic Heavy)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TailorMadeHell, Nov 16, 2015.

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    You never know when being prepared will help you. It is not always a major disaster that you have to be prepped for. Magnum boots made in China and bought from Dick's Sporting Goods. Lasted about a year and a half. Dull black, not made to shine. Pretty comfortable just regular boots. Then the bottom gave up, why I believe modern boots have no soul. Pun intended. I tried hot glue and it didn't hold.


    P2. S1.

    S2. S3.
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    That's one real good reason to avoid Magnum boots...mine lasted three days before they fell apart. So I went with Bates...they lasted a couple of weeks before the sole separated - not what I expected! Switched to Duluth and so far (fingers crossed) they are doing ok.
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    At the time I didn't have a lot of money. I was just starting the job so I grabbed what I could. I think I'm going to go with the military black ones if I can find a pair. Local pawnstore/army salvage sells mostly that yuppie garbage.
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    I've been wearing Bates tactical side zip boots for several years, and and wore only one set out, so far. I'm wearing the second pair right now. Very comfortable, and no issues, other than one bad tooth to the zipper. I stopped using it and lace 'em and they work fine.
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    These are side zip and I figured out they can be used almost like a Tourniquet. Really, not really. Put them on, lace them up, then zip them. They were extremely tight. Okay, I was having a backwards day that day.
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    Naw, that IS backwards. Set the laces until the boot fits great, then zip out. And they stay just like you like them. Try to xip them tight like that, and you WILL damage the plastic zipper.
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    Some days it makes for entertaining stories if you do the unexpected or go outside the box. Then again, maybe I should have had more coffee. [coffee2][doh]
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    lol @TailorMadeHell I especially like the drywall screws. ;)

    I've had many boots, some cheap and some expensive. You could go with a custom pair of boots but that's not something most people on Earth these days can afford. I do recommend saving up and getting a pair of custom boots if you do work in extreme environments or are on your feet all day and maybe put boots through hell normally. For everybody else out there working for a living and paying bills and taxes like a good slave should, maybe a custom set of boots isn't the best idea. It all comes down to three factors as far as I see it: 1. how much punishment do you put your boots through normally, 2. how well you care for your boots, and 3. is this for work or play?

    I've spent sub-200 dollars on boots which were stitched and can be re-crafted, and I'm not dropping names, but going on 5 years and can see many more to come. Also, they are not custom. Just off the shelf, honest to goodness boots.

    Don't buy the "tactical" boots with glued soles and expect a lifetime product.
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    What? No Shoe Goo?

    Seriously, go here and join... Danner and Lacrosse factory seconds at up to 70% off retail. Hit The Breakroom

    you have to make sure the boots you are looking at have a, soul (pun intended) :D
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  11. Tobit

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    You guys will laugh and poke fun at me but, unless I am working in the woods,I wear camo Cros daily. When in the woods I wear a three year old pair of Asolo leather boots. Can't find a link to my pair of Columbia boots I wear when snowshoeing.

    I also wear wool socks year round.
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    I had two pairs of the Converse. I liked them, but not as much as Danner's. The side zip tactical boots do wear out faster, but they are very comfortable, like tennis shoes. :)
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