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    I had an unusual knife that I posted for sale/trade on another forum. Tim Horan answered and we soon worked out a deal for my blade and a few greenbacks for one of his Companions. Tim's shop is a small one that he takes the time to personally do the grinding. Needless to say I was full of anticipation waiting on the Companion to be finished. It finally arrived just a few months before my deployment and so I dropped in my bag for a everyday use knife (this CRK PI is my stabbing knife...a little big for everyday use).

    The Niche.....
    I like carbon steel blades between the length of 4-6 inches. This is the perfect size and weight for carrying, better edge retention, and sparks well if needed to. I liked fixed blades for the reason that it takes one more problem out of the equation. In an everyday use knife I need the ability to do anything from general cutting tasks to batoning through cords of wood (well, maybe not cords, but you get my point).

    The Specs (from Tim's website)....

    • Blade length: 3 1/2 inches
    • Overall length: 8 1/4 inches
    • Blade thickness: 1/8 inch
    • Blade material: 1095 steel
    • Handle material: Micarta or Cocobolo
    • Blade finishes: Bead Blasted, Blued, Satin, High Polish, Acid Etched with Hamon, or some combination
    • Sheath: Kydex or Leather
    Mine has the linen micarta handles in green with a standard kydex sheath. I had Tim bead blast finish the whole deal. The sheath is a tight snap fit to the knife. There are no retention issues with his sheaths. The sheaths themselves are done to perfection. Tim ties 550 cord though the rivets to create a unique way for small of the back horizontal carry. The thin overall package carries quite comfortably that way. In fact, the slim design makes the companion an easy ride in a back jean pocket.

    I have run the Companion through a host of trials over the last 15 months. Everything from cutting cordage, sparking flint, to carving wood. It has batoned more firewood for team bonfires that any other knife on the team. It takes the pounding and keeps melting through wood, peeling off shavings to take a spark from a ferro rod. I have carved eating utensils, spearheads, and a few other things (boredom). It keeps carving smooth long after other stainless steels need resharpening. It's been used to cut steaks, sausage, and other meats. Resharpening is quick and easy even with the crap oilstones that can be had in this 3rd world sh*t country.

    It's a bit beat up...... but watch out..... it's still sharp


    Horan Knives
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    Nice write up...
    Sounds and looks like a terrific knife...
    All the attributes you could ask for...
    Nice job!
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