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    OFF ALERT 11.05 08

    Gun Owners In Peril

    The 2008 elections are behind us and gun owners find themselves in
    greater danger than ever before.

    With no major party, pro-gun candidate on the ticket, gun owners were
    faced with supporting underfunded, third party candidates, or marking
    their ballots for a candidate that had announced an opposition to gun

    So now it is clear, we face the most anti-gun president in American
    history. With the gains made by anti-gunners in Congress and the
    Oregon legislature, there is no question that gun owners are facing
    battles unlike any we have seen before.

    The freedom haters toned down their rhetoric for the campaign after
    learning that gun owners were a potent force and "gun control" lost
    elections, but there can be no doubt that their goals are unchanged.
    While the recent Supreme Court decision has slowed their efforts to
    ban everything, the court left enough room for almost any restriction
    to be created and upheld.

    So, now our job is clear. We simply must be prepared for anything,
    both in Salem and Washington D.C.

    The Brady Campaign is already crowing that "The election of Barack
    Obama as President and Joe Biden as Vice President was a decisive
    victory for common sense gun laws."

    We know what that means. Bans on modern firearms, government
    permission slips to own handguns, new restrictions on where you can
    be in possession of self defense tools and a continuing explosion of
    delays and denials for firearm purchases.

    We have to be prepared to fight. Every day, all the time.

    We have defeated every anti-gun bill in Oregon for 10 years, even
    after the anti-gun militants took over. We can do it again if we stay
    active and informed. Please be sure to share our e-mails with your
    freedom loving friends. And please encourage them to join us.

    As we head into a new legislative session it is essential that we
    have the resources to continue to be the only no-compromise voice for
    gun owners in Oregon. That means, of course, that we will need your

    If you are already a supporter of OFF, thank you. If you are not yet,
    please keep in mind that we are far stronger with you on our side
    than if you are on the sidelines.

    You can contribute to OFF here https://payments.auctionpay.com/ver3/? id=w020692 and you can rest assured there has never been a time when we needed your help more than now.

    Remember, if you contribute to our PAC, your gift could qualify for a
    tax credit on your Oregon tax returns. That could mean up to $100.00
    that you can give to the fight for freedom that would have been taken
    from you in taxes. For more information see here http://

    We are heading into a legislative session where virtually all our
    rights are at risk. We need your support more than ever. The coming
    battles will be unlike any we have seen before. Please consider
    anything you can do to promote the cause of freedom.
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