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    [SIZE=+1]Swiss watch found in 400-year-old tomb[/SIZE]
    <small> Ananova ^ | December 2008 | staff </small>
    <small>Posted on Friday, December 19, 2008 3:22:56 AM by Bon mots</small>
    Archeologists in China are baffled after finding a tiny Swiss watch in a 400-year-old tomb.
    The watch ring was discovered as archeologists were making a documentary with two journalists from Shangsi town.
    "When we tried to remove the soil wrapped around the coffin, a piece of rock suddenly dropped off and hit the ground with a metallic sound,? said Jiang Yanyu, former curator of the Guangxi Autonomous Region Museum.
    "We picked up the object, and found it was a ring. After removing the covering soil and examining it further, we were shocked to see it was a watch."
    The time was stopped at 10:06am, and on the back was engraved the word "Swiss", reports the People's Daily.
    Local experts say they are confused as they believe the tomb had been undisturbed since it was created during the Ming dynasty 400 years ago.
    They have suspended the dig and are waiting for experts to arrive from Beijing and help them unravel the mystery.
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    Um, it's an analog watch, how do they know it was am, it could have been pm.

    Chances are it's from a grave robber from not too long ago, but then again, I'm no archeologist what do I know?
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    malibu barbie goes to china?
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    Somewhere is scrawled..... "Kilroy was here!" [lolol]
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    I always wondered where the Swiss got all their gold!
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    I think I hear the theme song from "The Twilight Zone".....
    Yup, here comes Rod Serling now!
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    and the funny thing is you all still think Stargate is just a show !!
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