Times are tough for everyone

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Mar 1, 2012.

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    Yep, 404 here, too.
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    Try that.;)
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    The Buddha says that all suffering can be traced back to desires.

    If the guy had exactly what he wanted ... it wouldn't be enough, he would desire something bigger and better....it will ALWAYS be just beyond his reach. Satisfaction is unobtainable for people like him.

    I know--I have to have a talk with a similar sort of gent every morning while shaving.
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    Those people are so going to be so screwed when the economy tanks and they have no skillset to rely upon.
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    Sympathy exudes from every pore on my body for those neuveau riche MBAs. Those bonuses are more than I ever earned in a year much less their base salaries. 17K per annum for the dogs? Cramped in 1200 sq ft? $500 a month to park an unneeded Porche? Oh WOE!!!

    32K for a COUNTRY day school in Brooklyn? Muh GAWD!!

    Grumble. That said, it's what the market demanded to get their services on board. Glad they could get it, too bad for the rest of us. Their failure to spend wisely is NOT my problem; you pays your money and you takes your choice.
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    but look at the opportunities for those of us that do have skill sets.
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    This is just unbelievable, I have a small home that is paid for, all the guns I will ever need, and a few nice guitars and vintage tube amplifiers to go with them. So why I ask? am I happier than our New Yorker, Andrew Shiff, that this story references.
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    ...and that's my problem....I don't think it's possible to have too many guitars. They each have their own personality...feel...and tone. Much like a woman.... I think I'll stop while I'm ahead.
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    I know--I have to have a talk with a similar sort of gent every morning while shaving.

    I have the same conversation with myself every morning also, but at least you and I can see ourselves in our mirrors, while people like Mr Schiff never will.
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    Let's not go there, I just put a '76 Marshall MV 2203 on layaway from my local Gun/Pawn Shop. :D:D:D Mr G, I ask you?, what do I need with a 100watt monster of a amp in my living room, and let's not forget the two 4x12 cab that I will now have to purchases to go with this head, but damn does it sound good.
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    Check out Port City for your cabs.

    Port City Amplification

    I have a bunch of small amps (e.g., Airline, some I've built from kits). I sold all of my bigger amps (I have small kids) and mainly use M-Audio's Fasttrack with ear-phones. I have a Fender G-DEC too. It's not the same as a real amp, but I can get my fix this way without rattling the windows.
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    That a-hole wants to learn what stress means, he can have my job. I have 6 immediate bosses serving 2 year terms, with half getting changed out every year. Every year some newbie comes on screaming about saving taxpayer money, and the first place they want to make cuts is my barely-into-5-digit salary. Not their own, of course, because they need to be paid a lot so that they won't be tempted by bribes. Meanwhile, I haven't gone a single week in 2 years without being threatened, either with the usual yawnfest of "I'll have your job if you don't grovel at my feet" to the more entertaining offer to shoot me in the face from a few weeks ago.

    Stress. He thinks telling Bratney and Snotney they have to go to public school with the unwashed masses is stressful? Let him sweat over having to play nice with a convicted child molester who turns him into the state for every undotted i and uncrossed t.

    Mr 350k does not know the meaning of the word "stress".
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