Tiny gun presents big problem for police and airport securit

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    A tiny handgun has become a big problem for law enforcement.

    The "Swiss mini gun" is only about 2 inches long, but it is a functional firearm and that has police in the United States worried.

    The gun is so small it could easily escape detection during a search by officers and be used against police.

    It may also be difficult for airport screeners to spot the pint-sized pistol.

    The tiny six-shooter doesn't pack much of a punch since the small, low velocity bullets are only about the size of a roller skate ball bearing.

    A Web site posted by the maker of the gun says the firearm is a "scaled-down model of the much acclaimed and mystical Colt Python with all the same features as are found on the real size gun."

    It is illegal for the gun to be sold in the United States, but it is available for purchase in other countries, including Canada.
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    Not an issue.
    1) Too small to shoot with any accuracy.
    2) Too small to be any great danger.
    3) Too pricey to be considered by anyone other than a collector.
    4) Not available over here. Doesn't meet the GCA'68 rules.

    Basically, it's a very expensive collector's toy. Not a worry.
    Folks who worry about this 'gun' also worry about urban punks carrying the Smith .500 revolver in their baggy pants, and Tangos shooting down the space shuttle wth a .50BMG.
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    You'll put your eye out!
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    LOL !

    Just goes to show how ridiculous some of the security "problems" are. A paper clip shot from a sturdy rubber band would be as dangerous as this thing. While security is all busy looking for this toy, 5 guys named Mohammed just boarded the plane.
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