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    I do both wind and solar on my battery system. I have diesel and gas generators and a small engine/automotive alternator if things really get that desperate .
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    They are here now if you don't mind Chinese:
    Solar Panels - Prices

    Bookmark that link....it changes often.

    Simple, cheap bi-metalic thermostat, most any electrical supply place will have them. Most of them say 120-240v, but you can use on 12v just fine.....just make sure the contacts are rated for the amps you'll have.
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    beyond oil in Cali is out of stock on the Hanwha (the cheap one). go figure. That's a technique that had me drive two hours in the fu%^&ing snow a few weeks ago. Local Ag store had Muck boots on sale as part of a three day thing and my wife has been lusting after a set. They're $140!!!.. Anywho we get there as they open for first day of the sale mind you, and they had like 6 pair of various ridiculous sizes like 13 wide.... At least I didnt have to drive for this let down...LMAO
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    Bummer that freight costs as much as the panels. I'm near Denver and haven't been able to find a reasonable local retailer. I just need a panel or two! Amazons Renogy 100w Panel is looking tempting, I just would prefer the higher watt panels! At that rate the Harbor Freight 100w panels with controller at $140 are looking attractive. I'll keep an eye out on craigslist for a better quality panel.
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    Learn to buy Huge & sell off the extras to cover yours !!

    Now i had help from many true folks , We ordered a 40' container filled & bought /posted a bond etc.
    All 72K were bought landed for 58 cents / watt 350Watt High voltage panels 72 cell type .
    I have the container I bought it also (2.8K) ..

    They are CRAP
    Brown = shite , blue & fuzzy = poly , blue/black & no fuzzy is mono .
    Mono & Poly are good , I like both , But Poly are nicer on price & low light !

    What say U ?
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    Yeah, I'd avoid the Harbor freight panels....along with almost anything electrical there.

    As for buying a full container, (I'm assuming they are Chinese panels) I'd like to think you'd do better than 58 cents/watt, since you can buy them from here for that:
    Hanwha QCells Q.Plus L-G4.2 335 watt panel clear frame - Beyond Oil Solar
    (1 panel minimum)

    I would assume they are buying the by the container, and still able to make a profit selling at 58 cents....so surely they bought them cheaper ?
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    We bought Canadian Solar 4.2mm thick glass for the snow & bird drops (Birds like to drop nuts to crack them ) .
    & yes we did get a great price .
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  10. What about a homemade passive solar heater. I have never used one but, they dont look very complex. I think the way they work is like a thermal siphon. Cold air goes low, hot air goes high, and the panel interrupts that. The side of the house that gets the most light is where u work from. The panel is just aluminum cans connected manifolds top and bottom, painted black, and glass covering them. Cut a hole through the wall on the warm wall down low and one up high. connect those holes to top and bottom manifolds. You could probably put one way flap valve on it and a tiny fan to move air better. I would look on "instructable.com". I have seen several of these on there in the past. Its only going to work so many degrres above abient though...... nothing drastic.
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    The biggest issue we would have up here (Alaska) is the conversion rate from Solar Heat to Circulated Air in such a ThermalSyphan System is SMALL, when compared to a Solar to Fluid System... That and since I live in a Rain Forest, the number of Days with Overcast Skys, is Significant, and if we had to depend on such a system for Heat, or Domestic Hot Water, it would be a long time between Hot Showers....
  12. Mainly, I was suggesting this for keeping the temp above freezing not heating the house while your there.
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    @kspires223 Welcome to our Monkey Tree... especial from such a far off, and Lofty location...
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