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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by Hanzo, Jul 14, 2014.

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    Dug out an old pocket survival kit that I used to carry out with me all the time. Haven't been taking it with me since I have been taking less stuff with less redundancy.

    Opening it was like opening a time capsule. Come along with me.

    Here's the kit. It might even be a little smaller than an altoids tin. Outside has a couple of ranger bands and some cordage holding a few Gerber milk bags.


    Inside the lid are a couple of heavy duty needles, straight and curved, held in place with duct tape and with a couple of cotton pads over the top.


    My water component.


    My fire kit. Dug out more tinder quick and another cotton pad that I used to fill dead spaces.


    Stringy stuff.


    A really old tank of a light.


    And miscellaneous tools.


    And the remaining bits.


    I know the importance of having stuff on you, but I stopped carrying this since I will always have a knife or multitool on my person along with a small flashlight, fire starting implement and cordage. And if I am in the woods, I will have a canteen, cup and stove on me. The little tin doesn't have a shelter per se. But I will usually carry at least a Golite poncho and/or emergency blanket if I go in the woods.

    My bag can carry my regular kit which is also my survival kit. So I figured I would lighten the load even though at 6.6 ounces, it is not very heavy. I just prefer using full sized tools.
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    @Hanzo your kit reminds me of the PSP Kit in a way.

    There are lots of items to consider, but for daily carry I don't keep this stuff in my pockets unless I am headed out to the woods, and even then I might forget to bring one of these. They are fun to make, and definitely could come in handy. I have been making one to fit just inside a 4-mil baggie to make it easier and lighter to carry, too. Of course, we lose the benefit of having a tin to make char material if we do this, so it's a trade-off.

    DSC00029.JPG I have an Altoids tin with a bit of bank line wrapped around to keep it closed, and a Kwik-Pik lock pick tool. This is my 2013 version (bug-out).

    DSC00030.JPG Opened up, you see everything fits snug. The suture and vaseline cotton balls and chunk of rubber are in the lid area.

    DSC00032.JPG This is the small bag inside at the bottom, containing a P38, some fishing supplies and a tiny compass.

    The full kit.

    Here's the kit (similar) just in the plastic bag for ease of carry:
    DSC00034.JPG DSC00033.JPG

    And some of you have probably already seen the broadhead pocket kit:

    Here is the tiny flint/steel pocket kit, courtesy of Bear's handiwork:

    And a bunch of extra supplies, because it's always a good idea to buy some things in bulk to save money...

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