Tiny Wasp Said to Cure Cancer!

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by Gator 45/70, Sep 7, 2015.

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    "This could be useful in developing new combination therapies, where multiple drugs are used simultaneously to treat a cancer..."

    The big pharmaceuticals rake in well over 300 billion dollars annually --most of this profit is derived from treating people with not a single case of curing them.
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    Bee venom... Who would have thought?
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    Well you got my attention. I was a bit disappointed. Today on my north porch I encountered a wasp egg nest so small I didn't recognize it for what it was until I reached to pluck it off the chain link fence material it was attached to, and these tiny wasps (no mistake here - these were wasps, no doubt,) smaller than I have ever seen before scattered like they usually do right before attacking. About half the size of the smallest I have ever seen. I left them alone and moved off.
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    I wonder if all wasp's venom can do this or just the Brazilian wasp?
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    We have a boston terrier named Sambo. He is a riot and a master of guilt. He decided one day to stow a bone in his blanket under my desk where he spends most of his time.
    Ants found their way to it and somehow he placed his. ba.............. scrotom on them and they swole the little package up quite large and quite painful I am sure. His main hobby is licking them and now he had a reason.
    WHat was good in this situation was the fact that he has a [unbeknowing to us at that time] mast cell tumor on his eyelid. We had doctored it with antibiotics and it remained a wet looking raw raised sore about the size of a small lima bean.
    Well It went away!
    A few months later, he got another in the same place and we went to the vet here and that is when he told us what was wrong with Sambo and what he suggested to do.
    He suggested that the eye be removed. He said that unless we were Florence Nightinggale and would commit to almost 24 hour wetting the eye that it would dry and become infected and have to be removed anyway....
    I told him about the first tumor and he checked it out and we had also and yes, ants can help in case of mast cell tumors according to the internet.
    Whe took lil Sambo's eye out and he seems not to miss it and has had very few accidents due to not having 2 eyes.
    He has gotten worse in his efforts to shame us into doing his biddings tho. ANy dog whisperers out there know how to deal with this canine skill?
    But the bright side ........................ next year he got another now easily identifiable sore on his underside chest area and the vet said no worry. We have a cure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    Sambo was given treatment thru pill and is cancer free.
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    sorry to hear about sambo and it sounds like he is doing well. Very Nice! as too training *cough Cough* owner guilt is hard to train out of the owner ;) but if you are strong you can do it !!!! [biggrouphug]
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    I'm positive Monsanto is rolling out an new wasp killing insecticide as we speak. [tongue]
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    You said what I was thinking.
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