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    I've been thinking about this for a while, both my Mom and my grandmother are very good 'household
    management' types. In another era they would have been called 'householders' or 'chatelaine'. The food rarely gets wasted, they know where all their expenses go to a gnat's whisker and they plan their shopping, canning and cooking in advance.

    Home management is not just about budgeting. This is one blogger' s definition.

    "what is household management? At least for me, it is the act of focusing not just on the mechanics of home organization and cleaning, but taking a bigger picture view of how these actions effect and influence all aspects of your family life."

    The definition of a manager is a person who handles, controls, or directs. Household managers handle, control, and direct the everyday tasks and functions of their home.

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    Because the role of home manager touches basically every aspect of your life and those of your family, it can have a great impact, either positive or negative, on everyone in your family.
    Now, don't get me wrong, you are not ultimately responsible for everyone in your family's happiness, or lack thereof, because there is something called free will and personal responsibility. But, there is some truth in the phrase, "if Momma ain't happy, nobody's happy."

    Therefore, developing and improving your skills as a home manager can bring positive results -- enjoying your home and family more, and the opportunity for everyone else in your family to do the same.

    So, what does a home manager do? Actually, it is easier to start by saying what she doesn't do -- she is not a maid, nor does she do everything all by herself. That is the challenge -- involving everyone in the family in the day-to-day activities of life, by handling, controlling, and directing. So, how does she do all these things?

    She "handles" things by doing them herself, such as when her children are too young to help with the task, she has delegated the task to herself, or because she is setting an example for her family by pitching in to get the job done.

    She "controls" by having a master plan of what needs to be done, and how to do it. This involves the usual daily to do lists, but also the bigger picture tasks like family goals, and the more routine details such as weekly cleaning schedules. This also involves creating and maintaining a household management notebook to keep the big picture and details organized and available for any family member that needs to see them.

    Finally, she "directs" by delegating certain responsibilities, such as chores to other members of the family. But she does not just dump responsibility on someone without any training for chores, so delegating actually, at least at first, takes a lot more effort than just doing it herself.

    Learning to become a good household manager does not happen overnight, and actually is a never-ending process, because there are always new things to learn, new obstacles to overcome, and ever changing circumstances in life.

    The time and effort involved in learning these skills is well worth it though, because it has the potential to have such a positive impact on both you and your entire family. Are you ready to get started?

    Schedules, Routines and Habits For Your Home

    Anyone else have tips and tricks for this? Anything from how you rotate your food, stash to how you manage your cleaning and budget.

    My first tip is for cleaning. Establish a routine
    I clean one room a day and putter in the garden each morning
    Monday = bathrooms
    Tuesday = bedrooms
    Wed = office
    Thursday = out door big chores, mowing, setting up new beds etc
    Friday = Living room/den
    Saturday = shopping
    Sunday = day off

    The way my schedule is set up I can move the friday, saturday chores to another day if I need the weekend for something fun.
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    Great post!!! I love the schedule! Thank you so much!
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    I try to never be a creature of habit, having read from the book of the company and taken their wisdom to heart (CIA).
    But, managing your time and expenses is very important. I will admit, most days I do expect the laundry and the dishes to clean themselves without any effort on my part. I'm still working on that...
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    Household management for most of us (me included) is boring and routine. It has to be done. I like a clean house as it keeps my thinking clear and clean, I dont like to clean but I find it necessary for my overall well being. The key for me is to let myself bust out of the routing as well. Its important for me to have a routine but also have the ability to switch it up when I need too.

    Life isn't always predictable.
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    Frequently the difference between success and failure is efficiency. The best and wisest use of resources, which include time, energy, and money.
    A well-managed household is often fundamental to a family's long-term success.
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    Some years ago I worked with a young lady. She then got married and quit her job. Upon running into her in a supermarket about a year later, she said she had become a "domestic goddess".
    Thought that summed it up nicely.
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    Here are a few time-saving tips:
    When we buy fresh cauliflower and broccoli, we cut them down into small florets, and bag them. Stalks go to the garden or the chickens. Then, when we cook, we just grab whatever we need from each bag and toss it in the pot. That saves a lot of 'fridge space, time, and effort.

    I have a glass container for onions, and sometimes chop up a whole onion when I need only half, knowing I will use the rest soon.

    When we buy fresh hamburger we divide it into cubes about the right size for one hamburger patty. Then we cookie-sheet the cubes, freeze them, and bag them up. When we need hamburger, we just grab the right number of cubes for whatever's cooking.

    We slice leftover roasts (etc) and cookie-sheet the slices, then freeze and bag them, too. Then making sandwiches is just a matter of grabbing the right number of slices.
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    I normally buy the large family packs of chicken breasts or salmon when on sale, (only my wife and I), cook the whole thing along with a large amount vegetables and a little rice or potato. The leftovers are packaged in sealed containers (one for each day) and become lunches for the rest of the week. I don't mind eating the same thing each day.

    Many people go to restaurants and fast food places for lunch. But unless they get salads ($5 or 6 bucks for a small bowl of lettuce) they're getting a bunch of unhealthy stuff, and a greasy burger with fries and a drink can easily run $7 to $8 a day (x roughly 20 days a month). That's $160 a month for lunches that drive your blood fats to new highs.

    It's bullshit.
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    shopping for cheap cuts of meat
    1) Tri-tip is another name for sirloin tip–a less tender muscle found in the hind leg of beef. Simply rub the meat with a blend of salt, pepper, and garlic powder, then grill over hickory wood chips to infuse the tip with smoky flavor. Fresh Santa Maria Salsa complements the tri-tip well.

    2) Oxtails are simply cow or veal tails and are found in most grocery stores. They're a bony, tough cut of meat that's super easy on the wallet. Brown oxtails in the oven, then braise in red wine, beef broth, balsamic vinegar, and spices. Serve with Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes and Caramelized Root Vegetables for the ultimate comfort food meal.

    3) Chuck steaks - not as tender as more expensive cuts but a good alternative on a budget just be sure and marinate them over nite

    4) flank, skirt or hanger steak great with fajtas, tacos or can be slow cooked pulled pork style

    5) pork shoulder - slow cooker for pulled pork and or BBQ

    6) Untrimmed beef brisket - slow cook and the volume drops to about half but still taste. IF you are smoking it you need to keep all the fat and dont trim it for great flavor

    7) lamb breast or lamb ribs, (sometimes called Denver ribs) are a decent cut but you must marinate them. Lemon juice for the acid in your marinade is good, I use half lemon, half lime because I like lime.

    Anyone else have a favorite cheap cut of meat or a favorite marinade?
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    As above.
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    I didn't see anything in there about makin' me a sammich... :eek:
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    Organization is key to all well run households. One must have some flexibility but always looking ahead will help your ship stay afloat. I am a Mom plus employee who also works 2 side jobs. Running a household is one of the hardest. It is constantly changing as the occupants of the house change their schedule. I am lucky that I have always been able to multi-task. When a week is chaotic, it is okay to say, not this week. Allowing yourself to set aside a task or taking an easier route is okay because burnout is worse.
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    Musta been a pretty bad sammich to get him all sick like that... she should try one of them hind lick things, cuz sittin' on him like that ain't gunna bring nuthin' up...

    I've been trying to get into a routine that let's me get it done while working up a free day each week. My wife and MIL aren't able to help much due to chronic illnesses. This is a good start (though omitting trivial concerns like laundry :) ).
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    I also clean one room a day @Ganado. I learned that from one of your household hint post!!! 100 stars for your help!
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