Tips for sleeping warm with no external heat sources......

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  1. Witch Doctor 01

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    I wasn't sure what to call this topic... It ties in with the cold weather clothes thread...

    A neat tip I learned is to save up all of those older pillows and purchase extra pillow cases.... stitch the pillow cases together so they resemble a blanket with pockets... insert the old pillows and you have a genuine artificially simulated down comforter for cheap...

    What other tips for nights with out heat other than stoking up the wood stoves and propane heaters or cuddling closer to mama...:D
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  2. vonslob

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    When the temps go below 25 i have never been cold when i shove a mummy bag inside of a rectangular sleeping bag. Sleeping pads are a must have. In the winter i have never strayed too far away from the truck so i overpack. Winter camping usually means sleeping in the back of my truck. I always sleep without a heater running but i like my little buddy heater, even on the coldest nights it takes the edge off enough to read, listen to radio, etc. In the back of the truck are two sleeping platforms one higher than the other. I can make the back of my truck very comfortable
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  3. techsar

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    Silk long johns. Lightweight, comfortable...and surprisingly warm for their (lack of) bulk.

    Of course, a couple of warm dogs help, too!
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  4. Yard Dart

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    Post SHTF, you may end up without your perfect mummy sleeping bag, designed for the adventurous hiker in the sub-zero environment. You can make a sleep sack in a pinch with a sewing kit, wool blanket and cotton sheet. Just fold them in half the long way, sew across the bottom and 2/3 of the way up the side. If you wanted to practice in advance go for it with a sewing kit out of your BOB (you have one in there- right). [winkthumb]
  5. BTPost

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    Years ago, My partners and I, wanted to design a GREAT Cold Weather Sleeping Bag, for couples, as we all did a lot of Wilderness Living, and girlfriends would come out with us, on occasions... We found that if one built a Sleeping Bag, with a FiberFil (QualiFil) bottom, and a Down Top, it proved to be the absolute BEST LowTemp Sleeping Bag.... The bottom didn't care is it was compressed against the Frozen Ground, and still provided adequate Insulation, and the Down Filled Top never got compressed, so kept it's excellent Insulation Properties. REI (I still have my 5 digit Membership Number) at the Time, sold "FrostLine Kits" that we used to build these Bags. Didn't have to pack any Foam Pads around, so it save weight, there as well. Many times we built SnowCaves, and heated them with candles, or did the Under Evergreen Tree Base Shelters, and used our Svea Stoves for Heat & Cooking.
  6. chelloveck

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    I have used a sleeping bag, and sleeping bag liner with a Gore-tex breathable fabric 'bivi bag' in sub-zero temperatures (Celcius) in the open and without any other shelter. I got a good night's sleep...and shook the frost off the outside of the 'bivi bag', and went about my business for the day.

    British Army Goretex Bivi Bag Used Army Surplus | The Army Store

    Having a good high carb meal before retiring for the night will provide metabolic heat to keep one going until the morning if out backpacking.
  7. VHestin

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    It's so late right now that I can't think of anything for this thread that belongs in a family friendly forum...
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  8. Gator 45/70

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    What would a Hobo use?
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  9. Gray Wolf

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    A hobo would use a furniture pad and build himself a fire on a street corner in Phoenix.
  10. vonslob

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    If i was homeless i would gather as much newpaper and cardboard as i could
  11. chelloveck

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    Make a cardboard Taj Mahal...cover it with tarpaulin, and line it with insulation (egg cartons, packing beads etc) and decorate to one's aesthetic tastes. Beware of the flammability risk (no smoking in bed) and ensure sufficient ventilation such that one doesn't die of asphyxiation. Build on a platform raised off the ground and use a damp proof base and adequate drainage. Site in an area that is secure from interferance from persons who might wish to do you mischief, or might wish to steal what property you have accumulated.


    Via: Cardboard Box City Raises Awareness of Homelessness - Aleteia
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  12. Toad

    Toad Monkey+

    In the ( wild ) a pine tree is your best friend, the branches are easy to remove & make bedding out of, the tree it self will keep most rain off you if you, just crawl under tree and it will act like a Teepee.
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  13. -06

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    A big pile of leaves, put in your folded blanket, pile on more leafs, cover with your poncho/plastic/what ever is waterproof, and crawl into your blanket. You will sleep warm, dry, and comfortable. If under boughs you will be almost invisible to sight and infra red----and thermal imaging.
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  14. Hanzo

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    Don't know about you guys and gals, but no matter how cold, I still shuck the clothes. After I bundle up, my internal heater (I learned about our triple heaters) warms up the trapped air and I am toasty. If it is really cold, then I'll throw another blanket on. And then, if needed, a wool cap. I guess I layer for sleeping too.

    I do that here in Hawaii as well as on the mainland. (When I was young and stupid(er), I survived a Minnesota winter with a leather jacket and jeans. And while the jacket had a fleece liner, I don't think I will try that again.) And even camping, I strip down for bed. My wife and kids are always surprised how warm it is under my blanket. And they use me as a heater if they get cold.

    One time we were camping and it was pretty cold, for Hawaii standards. My wife was so layered and bundled and still freezing. I washed my hands in cold water and she was surprised to see the water steam off my hands. If I dig back far enough, maybe I can find a picture of it.
  15. ghrit

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    Yep, always did that, even when hunting in Maine with snow falling. The hard part was getting the clothes warmed up a bit before climbing into them. Never did find a way to do that successfully.
    Ground cloth and air mattress under, clothes (and a blanket over them) on top, good to sleep. I'd still be in there snug as a bug in a rug if I didn't have to get rid of the previous night's beers.
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  16. Tully Mars

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    I usually put my 1st layer(socks,thermals) in the bag with me. Works pretty well for me.
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  17. -06

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    My dog is the best foot warmer in the world.
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  18. Witch Doctor 01

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    Unless it's a three dog night...;)
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  19. nathan

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    Leaves are suppose to be excellent insulation
  20. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    They are, if dry.
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