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    Have had a Heavy Cover titanium canteen kit for one or two years now. I don't even remember when they came out. Anyway, I bought them one or two Christmas' ago.

    Heavy Cover US GI Style Titanium Canteen Mess Kit 37oz (Includes Tritan Plastic and Titanium Canteen Cap)

    Good stuff. It is really lightweight and solid.

    What I like:

    Chris, boss at Heavy Cover Inc. is a veteran. Semper fi!
    Really light
    Really strong
    Came with a titanium lid
    The lip around the cup helps to keep you from burning your lips on the hot cup
    Fits a standard canteen pouch
    Wide mouth
    37 oz

    What I don't like

    When I bought mine, the titanium cap was separate (but springing for the set, may as well go all out)
    Titanium cap squeaks
    Wish they would have made the seam and the cup height match up (looks nicer and could help keep crap out of the cup)
    Would have been nice if there were volume marks in the cup
    Found out after I bought them that they were made in China. Would have been nice is it was indicated.

    But long term usage shows that it is a quality product. When I questioned Chris about it being made in in China, he assured me that the titanium and the maker were up to snuff and if I wanted to, I could return it. But I wanted a set and another set was a gift, so I kept them. Good move for me.

    Here's how I carry it sometimes. And sorry for the pictures. I noticed that after I uploaded them that I probably shouldn't have used the woobie as a background.

    I like this old pouch. Think it was a gas mask pouch. I like that the pouch has shoulder strap and a waist strap. It really helps to keep everything stable.



    I have also carried the canteen kit in a US canteen pouch as well as my Frost River mail bag.

    Since this bag was where it was last, that's what I am showing you guys. In the bag is pretty much a good day out worth of stuff and space.

    Main compartment


    Clockwise from the canteen: canteen, Fallkniven F1, spork, doggie bandana, cover, cup, piece of leather, wool scrap from the Boreal shirt (I asked Jason to not sew in the neck piece. That makes the shirt more versatile for me for when I wear it in Hawaii. Warmth, but more venting.), a couple Lightload towels, a hank or paracord and an Emberlit Fireant. My wife took my Bahco Laplander saw, so it is not in there.

    In the outside pouch


    Clockwise from the heat sheet blanket: blanket, pack of Kleenex,couple of wet fire cubes, mini bic lighter, match case, bug spray, ferro rod.

    So there you have it. Basic needs covered. When I run out with this, I will throw some snacks and coffee or tea in the bag too. And I took the gloves off the strap. I take gloves. Good to have. I like cloths and other materials. So useful. The scrap wool and leather too. Pot holder, etc. The Kleenex doubles as toilet paper, as do the towels and bandana.

    When I am not out and about, I will on occasion use the kit anyway. Today was a sort of backyard bushcraft day. Only I was on my lanai. Super windy still. Sounds like a hurricane is blowing around outside our house.

    Made and ate lunch out of the cup. Used the cover while cooking and the spork to feed my face.



    My lunch time view.


    So even if the bag changes. And it does to suit my mood. The basic components are there. Anyway, hope you enjoyed. If you are in a hot place, feel our breeze. If you are in a cold place, enjoy our sunshine. Wherever you are, aloha!
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    On a side note, the multicam camo didn't let the camera focus too well. For what it's worth.
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    After using the Heavy Cover canteen kit for 5-6 years, something unusual today. Had my first taste of Mountain House. Bought some for the little monkey's Haleakala backpacking trip. She had one leftover, so since it was listed as 2 1/2 servings, I pour out half into my titanium canteen cup along with a cup of boiling water. Stirred and covered.

    It was ok.

    Then, when I was washing it, the handle assembly popped right off. I was washing quite gently too. No one had seen that before.

    Chris at Heavy Cover is so good. Even though my kit is far from new, he is sending me a new cup. Mahalo! Over and above service.
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    Gotta love Titanium! :cool:
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    Too rich for my blood. $155.00 for a military canteen is beyond my allowance. But Koodo's to you sir. I will stick with the girl that brung me; she is old, burnt black on the inside and outside, but she still makes a fine cup of coffee and has never let me down since she was first given to me many, many moons ago.
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    It IS expensive. I have the old military canteens and cups as well as the Nalgene canteens. Chris, the owner of Heavy Cover, is a veteran and small business owner. And I like supporting those two things. Bought two sets years ago. Gave one set to my buddy, Bear. Also gotta take care of your friends.
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