Sold Titanium Sling Shot Blanks

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  1. Bear

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    Aloha Monkeys,

    I know this is a way out there exotic offering but here goes.....

    Wow... all gone!

    A while back I worked with Bill Hays on this and just double checked with him and got an email and ok on selling these unfinished blanks we worked on together...

    Bill is an awesome guy, super nice and a amazing with a slingshot... check out some of his youtube videos and you may be amazed like me....
    Pocket Predator Slingshots

    These are 3/4" thick 6al 4v titanium blanks for one of his very popular slingshots the SEAL Sniper... a while ago I got permission directly from him to make a small run of titanium versions of this slingshot... well as life, family and work would have it...

    I sourced the titanium plate that was thick enough and had it water jetted after Bill's approval of the design but the project just never came to a finish...

    I have over $100 in each of these for the material, shipping to the water jet, design and shipping back to me in Hawaii... (yeah it was crazy dumb expensive... finding/buying the plate and shipping to and from water jetting and Hawaii killed me - lesson learned)

    I figure I'd offer this to maker/machinist Monkey or the Monkey who knows one ;) with the desire and access to the equipment or machine shop to finish these up... has a great potential to make an awesome... one of a kind slingshot!

    I am selling these blanks for a great price to at least recover some of my cost rather than keep them as expensive paper weights... sent a couple to Bill to say thank you... (he has a SEAL friend we were going to gift one to if I was able to complete the project)... if he can finish them he said he would try to help.... I'd also discount multiple buys...

    $50 each shipped insured with tracking to the USA... $90 if you want 2 of them....

    Thanks for looking Monkeys...

    Have a great Weekend

    Take Care and God Bless,


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  2. Bear

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    More pics...

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  3. Sahugani

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    Hi Bear,
    Do you have any of these left?
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  4. Bear

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    Aloha @Sahugani ,

    Sorry these are all gone.... thanks for the interest.

    Have a great weekend!

    Take Care and God Bless,

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