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    alot of powerful reading here

    The best we can do is to yank the political tap-dancing stage out from under Bush-Cheney, dropping them into the legal arena. In ordering the invasion of Iraq, Bush-Cheney violated the Constitutional citizen rights of our soldiers to be sent to war only on the specific order of Congress. In ordering the warrantless wiretaps, Bush violated the Constitutional citizen rights to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. And don't play the Bush-Cheney nit-picking games with me. I don't care how many technicalities you or they come up with, they are guilty as charged.
    We have a very strong law against the violation of citizen rights. It is Title 18, USC, Section 241. Today's predator politicians hate it and keep it tucked as far out of sight as possible. But it will come out into the light of day again soon, because many people are looking again at the Nixon criminalities. It's in the Nixon file. Some of his cronies were convicted of violating 18 USC 241. What's this, tens of millions of Americans will ask.
    The provisions of 18 USC 241 say that convicted co-conspirators can be fined and imprisoned for up to ten years. But, if death or maiming occurs as a result of the criminal conspiracy against citizen rights, then the convicted co-conspirators can be sentenced to life imprisonment or to death. In our system of law,criminal prosecution under 18 USC 241 can happen to Bush-Cheney while they hold their mis-begotten titles of president and vice president. We can't sue them in civil actions, but we can prosecute them for felonies.[own2]
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    I am a victim of 18 USC section 241. I sued a convicted drug dealer who was my next door neighbor and the city council president for First Amendment Retaliation because I complained that his 2000 sq foot two story building was not a garage and he claimed it was a garage. I sued him in federal court. My judge dismissed my case without an opinion. He dismissed it with prejudice and he ordered me to pay $103K in attorney fees and said I couldn't represent myself. I filed in a non rendering federal court under Rule 60b(3). The USMS put me in jail without a criminal charge, trial or bail hearing for 5 months in order to hinder my lawsuit. There were a whole lot of threatening statements in court by the lawyers and the judge, threatening statements in motions, and discussion of collusion in verified attorney bills. The law firm in one state paid itemized bills for the lawyers in the other state to file motions to hold me in contempt of court, go to contempt of court hearings, discuss what happened in contempt of court hearings etc. showing conspiracy. I wasn't charged with criminal contempt and federal courts can only charge contempt as criminal contempt. Anyone can get a copy of USMS FOIPA 2011USMS17351 The USMS has no records responsive to my request for any and all records of authority for arrest or detention of litigants for engaging in noncriminal 'contumacious' litigation.

    Isn't it strange that everyone was looking to terrorist arrests for more cases related to 18 USC section 241 and I come in with something that originated in a zoning dispute over a garage apartment? I don't have a criminal record at all and am really pretty mainstream. I am white and was born in the U.S. My father is a WWII vet. I've only been outside the U.S. a few times and never bought a gun.
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