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    For my cousin's estate - I found some .276 rifle rounds, what gun would this fit? Also, what is the TM for the M1 Garand and M1 Carbine? Are these available as pdf?
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    .276 Pederson, i believe. If i remember correctly, John Garand originally chambered the M1 rifle in this caliber. If one of his rifles is a .276 Pederson, it would be worth a good bit of money.
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    That Garand might be the .276!! If so, it is one fabulous find.

    FM 23-5 for the Garand. Dunno 'bout the M1 Carbine.
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    None of my cousin's 3 Garands are chambered for the .276. I just found two boxes of handloaded .276 rounds.
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