To ALL New York Monkeys......

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    To ALL New York Monkeys... You are going to get a Second Bite at the Apple... Your Governor wants to AMMEND the SAFE Statute, to ADD the Police Exemption, and to ADD an Exemption for Hollywood. You need to put the PRESSURE ON your Republican State Senators, to REJECT ANY AMENDMENTS to this STATUTE, or REPEAL IT, outright, NOW. This is your chance. Make them OWN IT, as is, or REPEAL IT. One or the other. NO COMPROMISE. Your UpState Senators can do this,if you give them some BALLS. Tell the Governor, He Signed it... NOW HE CAN LIVE with it, PERIOD. Do not let this chance slip away. HOLD Their FEET to the FIRE. MAKE THEM Understand, just how UNHAPPY, YOU Really ARE... This is NOT going to come around, again. You have this ONE CHANCE. do NOT screw it up.....
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    We've been on it since day 1 :)
    Heading to the rally tomorrow morning.

    Have called my reps.. spoke to my county leg .. I think this is all in our favor. NYS has until April 29 to present why they think the law is constitutional or an injunction is placed on it and the SAFE act falls into the abyss of "FUCK YOU TYRANTS"..
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    Yep, The NY State Supreme Court has taken a very sensible approach, here. They want the State Attorney General to convince them, that the Statute does NOT violate the Federal Standard, as ruled in Heller & McDonald, and they set a Time Limit on that submission to the court. If the State can NOT make their CASE, and convincingly, then the Court, has made it CLEAR, in Plain Language, that they will issue a Restraining Order, making the Statute, UnEnforceable. This is one of the BEST Outcomes, that can be imagined. The UpState Republican Senators should move, to table, any amendments to the Statute, NOW, and let the Governor, and the NYC Legislators, OWN IT AS IS, and make them defend the statute AS IS... They Passed it and HE Signed it.... Now let them LIVE with IT...
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    I am picturing Mel Gibson playing the role of William Wallace, riding into the bedchambers of one of the Scottish Lords late at night, wielding a mace and fire in his eyes...
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    And everyone know that you've got to watch out for those Wallace boys when you see fire in their does not bode well
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    Poll: GOP NYers ditch Democrat Cuomo after gun law
    The Quinnipiac University poll finds 55% of Republican voters disapprove of Cuomo, with 27% approving of his job performance.
    In December, 74% of Republicans approved of Cuomo's performance.
    In January, Cuomo presented a State of the State address that included a more liberal policy agenda. Cuomo's goals include a women's agenda with a strengthening of abortion laws.
    Cuomo has a 49% approval among independent voters. Sixty-nine percent of Democrats approve of his performance two years into the job.
    The poll questioned 1,165 votes March 11 through Sunday. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.9%age points.
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