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    I've been thinking about what it takes to qualify for the position of president lately. I used to think that you had to be a good person who could represent the people with a sound moral foundation without illusions or delusions clouding their judgment and a person who would always put the people first in all matters. Not only the needs of a few but the needs of all... but as I've matured, I've come to see the reality of it. It's set up so that you have to make a certain income to qualify. The lower middle and lower classes income people are not represented... you kind of have to wonder, is that how our forefathers wanted it? Was the presidential position supposed be reserved for only the wealthiest? I mean, I get the idea: those with the most money are supposed to equal the hardest workers and therefore would be most qualified... but there are less than honorable ways to acquire wealth. Most wealthy people today have simply inherited their wealth. They don't know anything about earning their keep. Just how to stand on the backs of others with a sense of entitlement.

    I believe these are the people that are running the country now. Our economic system has failed us and has allowed the 1% to hold an almost God like grip to control the rest of us to build their pyramids.

    We need to realize that they are not the reason that society exists. They did not build these buildings and neither did money. People did. Society doesn't need them and we don't need their fucking money either! I see the ultimate protest to their atrocities is to abstain from the dollar. These buildings and machines are a testament that United, humanity can do great things. An alternative to money must be found if there is to be any solution to this problem. A kind of people's currency needs to be made that would give the people more power than those who rule us. Something we all have and they don't. A testament of will.

    My thoughts are leaning towards poking the hill and seeing what pops out.
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    golden rule=those with the gold make the rules
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    The ruling class...including most of our founders...has always been those with property, money and education. The promise of America is/was that anyone, despite their beginnings, can achieve property, money, education and the highest offices in the land.

    We already have more power than those who rule us...we just haven't got the will or the UNITY to use it because those in power are masters at keeping us distracted and divided. Bread and circuses, baby.
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    Agreed. They are so counting on the distractions. But now that the veil has been lifted enough for at least the majority to take notice, I wonder how many will choose to see. Some people are so worried about their world being torn apart that they seem like they can't be bothered to care... but what happens when they realize that our government is now putting everyone's life in danger?
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    Our government put our lives in danger they day they made "mutually assured destruction" our defense policy.
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    That's been tried. Government said "NO." (they hate competition)
    Feds raid Liberty Dollar offices

    The question asked is, "What does it take to be President?" --But I would rather ask, "What does it take to be a sovereign citizen." If one cannot live free and is threatened and coerced by despotic rule, then the answer is self evident. If we attempt to change the system already in place without first recognizing our natural position, no hope for actual change can logically exist. Once the vast majority of people recognize that power flows from the sovereign people (citizenry), to the States and thus by extension, to the "Federal" Government, the bulk of the myths and illusions are busted. The Constitution clearly outlines the extend to which the People have delegated authority to Government, and anything not expressed in the Constitution in the form of power and rights, are explicitly reserved by the individual States and the citizens themselves. That's the 10th Amendment, just for clarification.

    A President is supposed to be a "leader' of the armed forces, the "military", but not the private militia. And the State Guard (National Guard) are not the militia. The President is supposed to be a servant to the people, the office of President is the nation's highest office of servitude.

    Every modern day President (however) has been sworn in as a tyrant, a CEO for Slavery, Incorporated. Congress expressly made the President a dictator, and even granted the same power to the Secretary of the Treasury, oddly enough. The monetary system is a completely private enterprise, and it has a monopoly on creating money. In actuality, all they really create is debt, but I digress. The emergency of war powers are still in force to this day. Every agency of government is incorporated. Every state and local entity, even towns themselves can be incorporated, and most are. Your local police --a corporate entity. Virtually everything is a corporation, today. And all of these corporations invest in other corporations, from Bayer and GE, to pharmaceuticals and the auto industry. The 'ouroboros' is depicted by a serpent eating its own tail. This is perhaps the very definition of what the "government" truly has become. This is what the People will have to destroy if they wish to see liberty in their lifetime. This is what must be erased if you want a Constitutional President, of the People, for the People, and by the People.

    Anything else is just fantasy.
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