To rebuild ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OldDude49, Sep 1, 2017.

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    Being almost 80 and living in New Hampshire, I would rather concentrate on the short run and thus would select Eliot Coleman's Four Season Harvest or one of his later publications. Have used the Four Season Harvest and thus selected it rather than the follow on, The Winter Harvest Handbook. My time frame is based more on surviving the coming winter in whatever comfort I can rather than rebuilding civilization and my limited experience in my life is those that wish to "help me" usually place their interests ahead of mine. Have had very few people since our founding fathers who were willing to give up power once they got a taste of it and all of the "Law" systems are just an attempt to level the playing field and most are designed to insure the safety of those with the assets or those in charge. If we were really good people, all we would really need are the 10 Commandments and the Golden Rule. Since most of us aren't, we have libraries full of books on how to control our fellow man and take advantage of them and we call it government and the legal system. In the short run it creates order by giving up freedom and usually is the best of the bad bargains that are available to us as a group. Turn pessimism off and get back to enjoying a cool New England late summer dawn and the boss, Jack the Sheltie, said it is time to go down to the pond and watch the geese and perhaps the deer, and concentrate on what is really important.
    We had salmon for supper last night and Jack's, the dog, anticipation of getting the scraps and the excitement and joy of eating them transcends almost anything I have experienced in my lifetime. His pleasure is so intense that even 10 hours later I am enjoying the experience and I in some ways envy his ability to totally enjoy the now. A good dog will change your priorities in a very good way and ground you in enjoying the now and paying less attention to the things you can't change.
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    Not just recreating society, but (re)gaining a lot of skills would be important. I've posted these before but they are, I believe, what you are talking about.

    Pole Shift Survival - Could be seen as an OMG we ALL gonna DIE web site, but has a fairly comprehensive list of downloadable resources for free. I believe that they at least used to link to the next one I mention below as well.
    Website: Pole Shift Survival Information
    Torrent for Content: Download PoleShift Survival Files Torrent | 1337x

    CD3WD - the site is gone and the maintainer has passed away but there are still torrents out there for all 37 DVD isos that cover everything from math and English classes, to mechanics to plans and drawings for machines, pumps, generators, all kinds of stuff. The idea was to make this available to the third world in a free fashion (CDs for 3rd World Development) and help them help themselves.
    Wikipedia: CD3WD - Wikipedia
    Torrent: See below
    I've removed the previous torrent link and link to Dropbox and attached the actual zip file to this post (downloaded and scanned/verified clean), since the intent is not to make or even suggest that anyone create a Dropbox account.
    The zip file has torrents for all 5 sets of CD3WD DVDs:
    cd3wd-2012-6-dvds-core.torrent - 6 DVDs
    CD3WD_MISC_CONTENT_SET.torrent - 7 DVDs
    CD3WD_HIGH_SCHOOL_SET.torrent - 9 DVDs
    CD3WD_NOVELS_SET.torrent - 4 DVDs
    CD3WD_PRIMARY_JUNIOR_SET.torrent - 11 DVDs
    Downloading all of the files will result in 37 DVD ISO files and something like 140GB of space being consumed on your hard drive.


    These two are fairly comprehensive resources and like I said, free for the downloading. They cover everything from basic education in math, science and literacy, harvesting game, cooking, building, plumbing, masonry (with like actual bricks), carpentry, farming, mechanics, sanitation, basic to semi advanced medicine, civics and law, and even some religion, just for completeness...more than any one person could reasonably be expected to cover by themselves.

    I've run into a couple more in the past but they were behind paywalls or membership sites and were long on promises,and short on delivery.

    Even if you don't normally torrent, seriously consider the CD3WD DVDs. The final update is 37 DVDs.

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    Where I work we have a seed freezer that if any thing bad bad happens we can replant the world
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    Putting seeds in the freezer makes sense ,
    I've also received loads of horse manure for my yard leaving it to mulch till the time is right.
    Didn't think of putting seeds in the freezer. thanks.
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    OK, what do you do with a .torrent file?

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    Gather tools powered by sweat and skill since electricity may not be available for some time. On every project use different hand powered tools to gain at least a minimal proficiency.
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    I have no tools powered by sweat, but I have a few powered by muscle .

    I plan to take advantage of all the best technology till it is spent , at least to stay ahead of the game.
    After that I can revert to the simpler ways, by that time every one else will have resorted to .
    I am we'll accustomed to living on minimal resources, and the more efficient ways of doing things.
    I cary a gas can with spare fuel for 2 reasons ,
    1. provides me spare if necessary , 2. and provides me a can if I need to go on foot for more .there is an syphon hose stuffed inside.
    3. provides fuel for some one else along the way.

    To the OP,
    There are volumes of antique how to books available in used book stores ,it takes searching them. I have some volumes written in the 1930s &40s .
    Obviously they did not live under the mushroom cloud of the future we reside, they did have electricity to work with .
    As with all how to's,, there needs to be a lot of improvisation , and much of that is learned through determination .
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    There were mostly stationary tools for carpentry when I started. There were power hand routers and electric drills and a few other tools, but it was mostly by hand. I learned a bunch of great stuff back in those days and I can still do most of it. But the coolest part is being able to pass it on. :)
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    OK I went to dropbox and created an account, I download their client and used it to down load the "Dropbox -"
    unzipped it, and put them in their separate directory... now what?

  12. DarkLight

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    @azrancher - which torrent client did you get on which OS?
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    The Constitution for the Confederate States of America is far superior to the U.S. Constitution in that it mandates term limits for all elected office. If you exclude the archaic parts about slavery, it is Jeffersons work improved.
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    sounds interesting...
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    OK so dropbox has nothing to do with torrent?
    I have win 7 64.

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