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    In reading history, one invariably compares what is read to what is lived in modern times. In reading this short speech presented by Tocqueville, one will see today's society, as well as the society many of us have lived in, and in my own personal case, without full understanding.

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    Tocqueville’s Critique of Socialism (1848) - Online Library of Liberty
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    We have socialism here operating daily they are called prisons, everyone wears the same clothes eats the same food has the same furniture bedding and piss poor attitude.

    great read.
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    ^^^^ except the STAFF....
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    The same may also be said of monasteries and convents.

    Similarity of food, similarity of clothes, similarity of furnishing and similarity of attitude of the inmates, do not necessarily equate to socialism... prisons aren't socialistic entities, in the same way that monasteries and convents aren't socialistic have used a weak analogy. *

    weak analogy fallacy example
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    LOL Thanks for the comedy relief, it was one of those days I feel all better now ! :D
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    Don't forget Catholic schools. I absolutely hated going to the one I was enrolled in, as a boy. From 2nd to 7th grade, they treated me like sh*t, because I was of another faith. Until this very day, I do not like seeing a nun wearing a habit.

    Oh, yeah, I know it isn't Socialism. It was like a prison, though.
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    Socialism is taking other peoples money, to give to those that don’t have enough to be equal to those that that have more... The problem with Socialism is that even if you could make the folks even in money, the folks with more will always make more, and the folks with less will spend their money and end up broke again, in a short time...
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    But it's the gift that keeps on giving...other peoples' money. Where's the harm in that? o_O
  9. ochit

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    when your right your right but those are voluntary memberships, prisons not so much.
  10. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus are finally discovering the essence of the weak analogy logical fallacy. Mission accomplished!

    Though it has to be said, that in some cases, folk become monks or nuns as a consequence of coercion, and sometimes folk become imprisoned in jails and penitentiaries voluntarily for various reasons; sometimes deliberately by way of conscientious objection to unjust laws, and sometimes because they cannot function adequately outside of the cloistered life of prison.... though some voluntary attempts at becoming incarcerated are not always successful, as O'Henry eloquently illustrates.

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