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    With emotions being so raw from the recent shootings in Connecticut and the immediate knee jerk reactions from local and federal politicians, the following article is appropriate to consider with regard to the Obama Administrations various and many Dictorial Executive Orders. I for one am very hesitant to trust this man who conceals so much, and has lied in so many ways. I certainly do not trust him with the 2nd Amendment or the Constitution, of which, mean very little to him, as proven by his actions thus far.

    Hitler’s Control
    The lessons of Nazi history.
    By Kopel-Griffiths
    This week’s CBS miniseries Hitler: The Rise of Evil tries to explain the conditions that enabled a manifestly evil and abnormal individual to gain total power and to commit mass murder. The CBS series looks at some of the people whose flawed decisions paved the way for Hitler’s psychopathic dictatorship: Hitler’s mother who refused to recognize that her child was extremely disturbed and anti-social; the judge who gave Hitler a ludicrously short prison sentence after he committed high treason at the Beer Hall Putsch; President Hindenburg and the Reichstag delegates who (except for the Social Democrats) who acceded to Hitler’s dictatorial Enabling Act rather than forcing a crisis (which, no matter how bad the outcome, would have been far better than Hitler being able to claim legitimate power and lead Germany toward world war).
    Acquainting a new generation of television viewers with the monstrosity of Hitler is a commendable public service by CBS, for if we are serious about “Never again,” then we must be serious about remembering how and why Hitler was able to accomplish what he did. Political scientist R. J. Rummel, the world’s foremost scholar of the mass murders of the 20th century, estimates that the Nazis killed about 21 million people, not including war casualties. With modern technology, a modern Hitler might be able to kill even more people even more rapidly.
    Indeed, right now in Zimbabwe, the Robert Mugabe tyranny is perpetrating a genocide by starvation aimed at liquidating about six million people. Mugabe is great admirer of Adolf Hitler. Mugabe’s number-two man (who died last year) was Chenjerai Hunzvi, the head of Mugabe’s terrorist gangs, who nicknamed himself “Hitler.” One of the things that Robert Mugabe, “Hitler” Hunzvi, and Adolf Hitler all have in common is their strong and effective programs of gun control.
    Simply put, if not for gun control, Hitler would not have been able to murder 21 million people. Nor would Mugabe be able to carry out his current terror program.
    Writing in The Arizona Journal of International & Comparative Law Stephen Halbrook demonstrates that German Jews and other German opponents of Hitler were not destined to be helpless and passive victims. (A magazine article by Halbrook offers a shorter version of the story, along with numerous photographs. Halbrook’s Arizona article is also available as a chapter in the book Death by Gun Control, published by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.) Halbrook details how, upon assuming power, the Nazis relentlessly and ruthlessly disarmed their German opponents. The Nazis feared the Jews — many of whom were front-line veterans of World War One — so much that Jews were even disarmed of knives and old sabers.
    The Nazis did not create any new firearms laws until 1938. Before then, they were able to use the Weimar Republic’s gun controls to ensure that there would be no internal resistance to the Hitler regime.
    In 1919, facing political and economic chaos and possible Communist revolution after Germany’s defeat in the First World War, the Weimar Republic enacted the Regulation of the Council of the People’s Delegates on Weapons Possession. The new law banned the civilian possession of all firearms and ammunition, and demanded their surrender “immediately.”
    Once the political and economic situation stabilized, the Weimar Republic created a less draconian gun-control law. The law was similar to, although somewhat milder than, the gun laws currently demanded by the American gun-control lobby.
    The Weimar Law on Firearms and Ammunition required a license to engage in any type of firearm business. A special license from the police was needed to either purchase or carry a firearm. The German police were granted complete discretion to deny licenses to criminals or individuals the police deemed untrustworthy. Unlimited police discretion over citizen gun acquisition is the foundation of the “Brady II” proposal introduced by Handgun Control, Inc., (now called the Brady Campaign) in 1994.
    Under the Weimar law, no license was needed to possess a firearm in the home unless the citizen owned more than five guns of a particular type or stored more than 100 cartridges. The law’s requirements were more relaxed for firearms of a “hunting” or “sporting” type. Indeed, the Weimar statute was the world’s first gun law to create a formal distinction between sporting and non-sporting firearms. On the issues of home gun possession and sporting guns, the Weimar law was not as stringent as the current Massachusetts gun law, or some of modern proposals supported by American gun-control lobbyists.
    Significantly, the Weimar law required the registration of most lawfully owned firearms, as do the laws of some American states. In Germany, the Weimar registration program law provided the information which the Nazis needed to disarm the Jews and others considered untrustworthy.
    The Nazi disarmament campaign that began as soon as Hitler assumed power in 1933. While some genocidal governments (such as the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia) dispensed with lawmaking, the Nazi government followed the German predilection for the creation of large volumes of written rules and regulations. Yet it was not until March 1938 (the same month that Hitler annexed Austria in the Anschluss) that the Nazis created their own Weapons Law. The new law formalized what had been the policy imposed by Hitler using the Weimar Law: Jews were prohibited from any involvement in any firearm business.
    On November 9, 1938, the Nazis launched the Kristallnacht, pogrom, and unarmed Jews all over Germany were attacked by government-sponsored mobs. In conjunction with Kristallnacht, the government used the administrative authority of the 1938 Weapons Law to require immediate Jewish surrender of all firearms and edged weapons, and to mandate a sentence of death or 20 years in a concentration camp for any violation.
    Even after 1938, the German gun laws were not prohibitory. They simply gave the government enough information and enough discretion to ensure that victims inside Germany would not be able to fight back.
    Under the Hitler regime, the Germans had created a superbly trained and very large military — the most powerful military the world had ever seen until then. Man-for-man, the Nazis had greater combat effectiveness than every other army in World War II, and were finally defeated because of the overwhelming size of the Allied armies and the immensely larger economic resources of the Allies.
    Despite having an extremely powerful army, the Nazis still feared the civilian possession of firearms by hostile civilians. Events in 1943 proved that the fear was not mere paranoia. As knowledge of the death camps leaked out, determined Jews rose up in arms in Tuchin, Warsaw, Bialystok, Vilna, and elsewhere. Jews also joined partisan armies in Eastern Europe in large numbers, and amazingly, even organized escapes and revolts in the killing centers of Treblinka and Auschwitz. There are many books which recount these heroic stories of resistance. Yuri Suhl’s They Fought Back (1967) is a good summary showing that hundreds of thousands of Jews did fight. The book Escape from Sobibor and the eponymous movie (1987) tell the amazing story how Russian Jewish prisoners of war organized a revolt that permanently destroyed one of the main death camps.
    It took the Nazis months to destroy the Jews who rose up in the Warsaw ghetto, who at first were armed with only a few firearms that had been purchased on the black market, stolen or obtained from the Polish underground.
    Halbrook contends that the history of Germany might have been changed if more of its citizens had been armed, and if the right to bear arms had been enshrined it Germany’s culture and constitution. Halbrook points out that while resistance took place in many parts of occupied Europe, there was almost no resistance in Germany itself, because the Nazis had enjoyed years in which they could enforce the gun laws to ensure that no potential opponent of the regime had the means to resist.
    No one can foresee with certainty which countries will succumb to genocidal dictatorship. Germany under the Weimar Republic was a democracy in a nation with a very long history of much greater tolerance for Jews than existed in France, England, or Russia, or almost anywhere else. Zimbabwe’s current gun laws were created when the nation was the British colony of Rhodesia, and the authors of those laws did not know that the laws would one day be enforced by an African Hitler bent on mass extermination.
    One never knows if one will need a fire extinguisher. Many people go their whole lives without needing to use a fire extinguisher, and most people never need firearms to resist genocide. But if you don’t prepare to have a life-saving tool on hand during an unexpected emergency, then you and your family may not survive.
    In the book Children of the Flames, Auschwitz survivor Menashe Lorinczi recounts what happened when the Soviet army liberated the camp: the Russians disarmed the SS guards. Then, two emaciated Jewish inmates, now armed with guns taken from the SS, systematically exacted their revenge on a large formation of SS men. The disarmed SS passively accepted their fate. After Lorinczi moved to Israel, he was often asked by other Israelis why the Jews had not fought back against the Germans. He replied that many Jews did fight. He then recalled the sudden change in the behavior of the Jews and the Germans at Auschwitz, once the Russian army’s new “gun control” policy changed who had the guns there: “And today, when I am asked that question, I tell people it doesn’t matter whether you’re Hungarian, Polish, Jewish, or German: If you don’t have a gun, you have nothing.”
    Richard Griffiths is a doctor of psychology with research interest in gun issues. Dave Kopel is a NRO contributing editor.
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    History is written by...

    Higher quality:

    The Zionists, apparently.

    (isn't reality strange? Of course it helps if you speak German and the title sticks out.)
    Don't worry, this video is in English. I will translate the text at the end of the video:

    "At this point, the author suggests the relationship, which can be observed between the founding of Israel in 1948 and the increased propaganda for Jewish persecution in Europe in American newspapers since the First World War.

    The Jewish persecution and the Holocaust were the official reason for the establishment of Israel."

    I submit added information for your enlightenment (and will translate):

    Sechs Millionen – Metapedia

    Six million is the Zionism of the number of Jews who have suffered at different times and in different places and at times unbelievable partially or completely starved or alleged to have been even murdered.Although at least since 1900 used as a fixed term in the context of Jewish Zionists, this figure is now only mentioned in relation to the thesis of - overt according to official historiography - during the time of National Socialism by Germans perpetrated mass murder of six million Jews. Accordingly, the use of these numbers in the meantime entered into the collective consciousness now mostly a function of the fueling "fight against the right wing" or erheischen financial and moral support of the Jewish State and the Jewish community in general, while they served in former times to the Jewish subversion in Eastern Europe ("The Russian Revolution", etc.) or to promote the mass immigration of Jews to Palestine.In complete disregard of the true relationships assert System faithful historian and other functionaries of the "western community of values" to date, the number of six million supposedly murdered Jews was first mentioned before the Nuremberg Tribunal of Wilhelm Höttl that this will have in turn experienced by Adolf Eichmann.

    Before The First World War

    On June 11, 1900 took place in an article published in the New York Times article that reported on a mass rally by Zionists under the auspices of the Federation of American Zionists, the first known public mention of six million Jews in the context of a major disaster instead. According to the article to Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, a leader of the American Jewish Congress and an important link between Zionism and Reform Judaism, said in his address: [3]
    "There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism."About a year later claiming Michael Sino joke that six million Jews were killed by the Romans already during the so-called Bar Kokhba revolt 132-135 nd Z.: [4]

    "A terrible carnage emerged, escaped the few hundreds of thousands; hidden in caves and in the depths of solitude, they fed on corpses and blood; after the end of years they ventured again to leave their hiding places. More than six million Jews who at that time found their death. In the Talmud we read that the blood shall be remitted to the just a mile away in oceans currents. "However, the mention of the six million Jews in this context is purely arbitrary and was likely inspired by Wise, because neither the Talmud nor the Midrash Echa Rabbati dealing with both the Bar Kokhba revolt, mention this number, but talk of 40 million [5] or 800 million [6] allegedly killed Jews.In 1902, the six-million figure then appeared in the tenth edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, in which one can read under the heading of anti-Semitism: [7]
    "As long as there are six million Jews in Romania and Russia, who are systematically degraded and the regular flow over the western borders, a Jewish question in Europe there will still be [...]."

    This is remarkable, as that, according to Jewish information in 1869 [8] and 1889 [9] a total of six million Jews existed and, according to Meyers Big encyclopedia world in 1905 in Russia and Romania, only 5.35 million Jews lived [ 10] and in the next edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica of 1911 was still of six million the speech, [11] the Brockhaus but knew only from a total of 7½ million living on earth Jews. [12] Therefore, it seems also strange that the November 27, 1902 in the New York Times a letter to the editor of a certain Samuel W. Goldstein appeared in which this under the heading "plea for Zionism" a critic of Zionism attacks, saying: [13]

    "Has Dr. Silverman representation of 6,000,000 Jews in Russia, 300,000 in Roumani and 1,000,000 in Galicia?"On 29 January 1905, the New York Times wrote under the heading "end of Zionism, perhaps. View of a Jewish priest on the uprising in Russia "about the sermon of a certain Rabbi MH Harris in Israel Temple:. [14]
    "He explained that a free and happy Russia with its 6,000,000 Jews may be the end of Zionism is, since one end of the autocracy would virtually eliminate the causes that brought Zionism into existence."

    A year later, on March 25, 1906 you could then re-read in the New York Times about the six million Jews, this time in connection with a lecture held a certain Paul Nathan to an audience in Germany [15]
    "Frightening reports on the state and the future of Russia's 6,000,000 Jews were reimbursed at the annual meeting of the Central Jewish Relief League Germany on 12 March in Berlin by Dr. Paul Nathan, a well-known Berlin publisher who through from an extended trip Russia returned [...] He left St. Petersburg with the firm conviction that the examination carried out by Russia's government strategy for the 'solution' of the Jewish question is the systematic and murderous extermination. "In support of this thesis Nathan read aloud the newspaper report a supposedly addressed to soldiers in Odessa circular in front of where they were encouraged to "get up and crush the traitors who conspire to overturn the sacred reign of Tsar and by a Jewish kingdom to replace ". [16] Nathan's speech concluded with a call to the world financial Jewry, Russia to halt what appeared then happened: The Jewish "conspiracy" was successful, the Bolsheviks destroyed the Russian Empire and established the Soviet Union, the first head of state was the Jew Jakob M. Sverdlov.

    Until then, however, it should still take about a decade, and almost five years later complained Max Nordau, co-founder of the World Zionist Organization and Theodor Herzl's family doctor, at the Tenth Zionist Congress until August 15, 1911 took place from 9 in Basel in the 18th August published in the London Jewish Chronicle, [17] on 1 September in Pittsburgh Jewish Criterion [18] and on September 9, at Chicago's Advocate reform speech: [19]

    "In many large cities rich libraries are established for the dissemination of culture. Very fine! Very nice! But virtuous governments that work with such a noble zeal for the spread of perpetual peace, endure the destruction of six million living beings - and nobody, except the victims, the voice rises, however, although this is an incomparably greater crime than any war since yet no war has destroyed six million lives. The management of the hero funds and the distribution of interest is placed in the hands of those public authorities that promote the massacre of Jews, if they do not instigate it directly themselves, and in the libraries founded by major philanthropists Read eager students with passionate energy of the idiots, madmen and villains written in ancient and modern times ritual murder stories. "With changed wording, but the six million not forgetting remembered decades later the Zionist and "Shakespeare of Hollywood" Ben Hecht in his 1961 published book Perfidy to Congress and Nordau speech: [20]
    "When the Zionist Congress of 1911, 22 years before Hitler came to power and three years before the First World War, Nordau said, What is subject to the gossips, the crafty office gossips to open their mouths and to boast of progress. [...] Here they keep on peace conferences where they speak against the war. [...] But these same self-righteous governments, which are so precious, busily active to establish eternal peace, prepare for own admission the complete extermination of six million people before, and although this is a worse crime than any war, there are in addition to the damned himself anyone who raises his voice in protest [...]. '"

    On October 31, 1911 to one could read in the New York Times: [21]

    "The 6,000,000 Jews of Russia are singled out for systematic oppression and persecution by the law."

    And the American Jewish Yearbook 5672 of the American Jewish Committee asserted in 1912: [22]

    "Russia has adapted since 1890 a plan to expel six million of its people for no other reason, or to destroy, as they refuse to become members of the Greek Orthodox Church, but prefer to remain Jews."

    During The First World War

    About four months after the outbreak of World War I, on December 2, 1914 the New York Times published an appeal of the American Jewish Relief Committee, [23]
    "... Which was established at a conference of more than one hundred national Jewish organizations in the Emanu-El Temple on October 25, to life, to raise awareness about the plight of more than 6,000,000 Jews attentive who live in the war zone [ ...]. "Appealing to the generosity called for the committee, whose treasurer was none other than Felix M. Warburg, both Jews and non-Jews to donate more for Jews since
    "... The disaster, on which the whole world has a stake, with disproportionately high hardness makes the Jewish people, living on the nine million in the countries involved in the war and of which more than six million in the actual war zones in Poland, Galicia and the all Russian border. "And on June 6, 1915, the editorial of the New York newspaper The Sun: [24]
    "Since the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalm there was for the Jewish people no darker page in its history book than those who wrote the Russian government today. Six million Jews, half of the Jewish people around the world are persecuted, hunted, humiliated, tortured, starved. Thousands of them were slaughtered. Hundreds of thousands of Jews, old men, women and children are mercilessly driven from town to town - driven by the government, attacked the troops in their own country, plundered and applied. [...] Dear Brothers, have mercy on the six million Jews in Russia and take our side! Asks the Russian Minister, why we are tortured mercilessly. Our children are slaughtered in the Russian army. We also control for large sums of money. "On February 28, 1916, the New York Times mentioned under the heading ship spends $ 25,000 immigrant society again the six million Jews in conjunction with Stephen S. Wise. With ship here is meant Jacob H. Schiff, one of the most influential people in the financial Jewry. And the "immigrant society" is not just any, but the Jewish Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society, whose president is quoted in the article: [25]

    "Almost six million Jews are ruining the greatest moral and material misery. [...] And the world remains silent [...]."

    Even the American Jewish Committee, whose board sat ship, mentioned the six million Jews in 1916 in his publication The Jews in the Eastern War Zone, in which it is written on page 19: [26]
    "Russia has received most of its Jews by the partition of Poland from 1773 to 1795. [...] it treated the Jews with exceptional hardness [...] The fact that they were limited to the areas where it currently the division just lived, it produced a ghetto that was larger than any known in the Middle Ages; [...] It transforms virtually into a penal settlement, are in the six million human beings, who are guilty only of holding on to their Jewish faith, forced their lives in squalor, in constant fear of a massacre, the arbitrariness of the police and a corrupt administration delivered - in short, with no rights and social status - to live ".Once again, in connection with Stephen S. Wise, Felix M. Warburg and Jacob H. Schiff appeared the six million Jews on 18 October 1918 in the New York Times. In the article in question - which sets out a plan of the Joint Distribution Committee, the Jewish community "rebuild" what Jews and non-Jews are asked for money - it said among other things: [27]
    "Six million souls will need help to take a normal life when the war is over. [...] American Jews Committee shall plan for the largest humanitarian mission in history. [...] 6,000,000 Jews need help. "

    Between the Two World Wars

    After the October Revolution and the order made by a replacement of Russian Jewish government were suddenly six million Jews in the Ukraine and Poland, which floated in the greatest danger. On September 8, 1919, the New York Times reported on a congress of the Federation of Ukrainian Jews (Association of Ukrainian Jews in the VSA): [28]
    "Mass rally reported that 127,000 Jews were killed and 6,000,000 are in danger. [...] From the speakers were telling stories of massacres in which 127,000 Jews were either killed or injured. [...] The President [of the Federation of Ukrainian Jews] reported that there are 3,000,000 Jews in the Ukraine and the same number in Poland, need the support of America. [...] This fact that the population of 6,000,000 souls have experienced in the Ukraine and in Poland by words and deeds, that they are completely destroyed -. This fact stands before the world as the greatest problem of our time "Similar to the emotions and kindness of Americans appellate articles and appeals appeared around the same time in other newspapers. On October 5, it was said, for example, in The Gazette Times regarding a fundraising campaign of the Jewish War Relief Committee, the American Jewish Relief Committee and other Jewish "charities". [29]
    "More than 6,000,000 elderly men and women and young children in the war-torn areas are completely destitute, and in Eastern Europe alone there are more than 800,000 children who have no other source of food, as the ones from the joint distribution committee, an association of various Jewish charities in America, is provided [...] Among the millions who have suffered from the oppressors, no one was so sorry as the Jew. They were driven by hunger to despair, they lacked clothing and shelter and denied they were between the upper and lower millstone people by expulsion at home and invasion from outside. At this moment, starving 6,000,000 Jews and nothing but the generosity of Americans to save them. This is the first time that the Jewish race placed a general call for financial support to the American public to be addressed [30] [...] The Jew has contributed in a substantial way for advancement and prosperity of all nations of the earth. No people were patriotic and freedom-loving. He fought under the flag of any nation in the name of freedom and justice for humanity. [...] Six million Jews are faced with starvation. Let's answer their call for help. "

    Six million murdered Jews explained to the fact

    Having previously written about the eventuality of a murder of six million Jews, this changed on 27 November 1944 - two months before the Soviets the Auschwitz concentration camp overran and a good five months before the war - when the Youngstown Vindicator published an article, the from one end of 1942 by Albert Einstein✡ initiated [65] and prepared under the editorship of the Soviet propagandists Ilya and Vasily Ehrenburg✡ Grossmann✡ Black Book (The Black Book) reported in which this murder is alleged as fact: [66]
    "A five-volume, black book 'which contains documentary records of the German massacre of approximately six million European Jews, prepared by the State Publishing House. The first book was completed and will be published before 1 January. The work was written under the general editorship of Ilya Ehrenburg and the editorial board consists among others from the playwright Konstantin Simonov, the writer and the poet Vsevold Ivanov Vera Imber. [...] The editors available data indicate that 5 million to 6 million Russian, Polish and western European Jews were killed and expect an extra half million Jews of the probable death in Hungary. The Black Book 'will show that this systematic extermination of Jews began in 1939 and was conducted at eight major locations with deaths that include asphyxiation in gas chambers, death by electrocution, firing squad, bacterial inoculation and by carbon monoxide chambers."

    The next day, an almost word the same article appeared under the headline "Six million Jews slaughtered" in the newspaper The Pittsburgh Press [67] and the like, also the Black Book Ilya Ehrenburg and the six million be mentioned article in the Palestine Post, entitled "Six million murdered "[68] and The Leader Post. [69]On 8 January 1945, the New York Times took this claim, as it reported under the headline 6,000,000 Jews dead from the account of the "exiled economist and newspaper man" Jacob Lestchinsky that this previously presented at the Tenth Annual Conference of the Yiddish Scientific Institute should have: [70]

    "Of the 6,000,000 European Jews who died, lived 5,000,000 in the territories occupied by Hitler countries."On 27 January 1945 the Red Army reached then the previously evacuated from the German concentration camp Auschwitz and end of March 1945, more than a month before the surrender of the German Wehrmacht, also presented the envoys of the National Organization of Polish Jews in America, Joseph Thorn, on a meeting of the 79th Congress of the VS-American Committee on Foreign Affairs, the alleged six million murdered Jews as a proven fact: [71]

    "The German people murdered in cold blood more than 6,000,000 European Jews, including more than 3,000,000 Polish Jews. [...] I blame the entire German people in 1939 to 1945, more than 15,000,000 people, including 6,000,000 Jews to have been slaughtered. "

    After the Second World War

    The kosher version of history, according to the Germans have tried during the Second World War to kill all the Jews of Europe, and only the brave and associated with large private losses use the Soviets, British and the Americans it is owed that this diabolical plan foiled and after all one third of the European Jews the fate of six million of their countrymen was spared. Rabbi Stephen Wise, however, saw apparently for this selfless commitment not to indebted when he like others before the date as stipulated for all valid reality in May 1945 to a Zionist meeting only as an eventuality traded from now on and the consequences for the "Christian world "explained: [72]

    "The Christian world, and I include England, of course, in the Christian world, endured the deaths of six million people of Jesus of Nazareth to an extremely terrible way. The Christian world owes the Jews some amends. "Also in May 1945 - on the day of the surrender of the German Wehrmacht, and six months before the Nuremberg Tribunal, the six million Jews stipulated - spoke up again, the chairman of the fundraising campaign of the United Jewish Fund of Columbus, Robert Schiff, already in May 1940 death of six million Jews "foresaw" to word, when he said in Ohio Jewish Chronicle: [73]

    "The Six Million died not in vain! In your holy name we must give the survivors hope and new life. "The Canadian Jewish Chronicle reported on August 3, 1945 by a set in November 1944 Committee for Polish Jews, whose Central Historical Commission finally proved what everyone knew already before: [74]

    "This Commission collects all materials, documents and the martyrdom of the Polish and all European Jews illustrative photographs. These prove that the Germans murdered six million European Jews in Poland. "On 13 August 1945 good three months before the first Nuremberg trial was to begin, the World Zionist Conference adopted a declaration in which it her "deep regret and anger" expressed about the still existent despite the war in force 1939 White Paper which constitutes a "breach of international promises to the Jewish people" against "the international law mandate known natural and historic right of Jews to return to their homeland" contrary etc., and their demands as follows lent emphasis: [75]

    "Only about 60,000 Jews managed to flee during the war from Europe to Palestine. One hundred times as many - about 6,000,000 men, women and children - were killed by the Nazis and their satellites. What happened to our people in Europe, did not happen and could not happen any nation in the world that has its own land and a state of their own. "Shortly afterwards, then reported again Rabbi Stephen S. Wise and explained to the shocked on Japan over the dropping of atomic bombs world that anti-Semitism was an atomic bomb and many more Jews were killed by Hitler, as Japanese atomic bombs by: [76]

    "Two-fifths of Jewry - nearly six million men, women and children - were slaughtered. Anti-Semitism, the most subtle provocative weapon of all those who wanted to destroy the peace that is a nuclear bomb per se. We call for the opening of the gates of Palestine for the remains of our people. "On September 5, 1945, the London newspaper The Guardian reported on the "moving scenes" a Zionist conference, emissaries of the Jews in Poland welcomed at the Chaim Weizmann with "deepest emotions": [77]
    "What is crystallized by the speeches of the Polish envoy, was that survived of the three million Jews in Poland only 80,000, the rest was destroyed. It was estimated that a total of six million Jews were killed. "

    A day later informed the Evening Post, the New Zealanders on a planned monument in Jerusalem, which should bear the names of six million (Yad Vashem, it brought to 2012 including false entries and numerous duplicates just by half [78]): [79]
    "The Germans killed six million Jews during the war, Mr. Eliahu Dobkin, head of the Immigration Department of the Jewish Agency on his return to Jerusalem from Central Europe said. The number of remaining Jews in Europe is 1,600,000, most of which wished to emigrate to Palestine. [...] It was planned to build on the summit of Mount Scopus, a monument to commemorate the Jews who died. It would contain the names of all the 6,000,000, including soldiers, partisans and ghetto fighters. "The same did with almost identical wording on the same day the Canberra Times in Australia. But killed the local article entitled Six million Jews by the Germans found the number 6 strange mention: [80]
    "During the war, the Germans killed Jews 6,000,000 ', the number of remaining Jews in Europe is 1,600,000, Mr. Eliahu Dobkin, head of the Immigration Department of the Jewish Agency on his return to Jerusalem from Central Europe said. He added that most of the surviving Jews wished to emigrate to Palestine. The agency plans six groups, each with six men to send to help the Jews in German camps [...] It is planned to build on the summit of Mount Scopus, a monument to commemorate the Jews who died. It will contain the names of all the 6,000,000, including soldiers, partisans and ghetto fighters. "Similarly, his colleague Wise was Rabbi Louis I. Newman apparently believes that the Allies would not have done enough when he, according to the New York Times on September 17, 1945 at the evening service in the Temple Rodeph Sholom occasion of the highest Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur ( "Atonement"), after the "Kol Nidre" said [81]

    "Six million Jews died as martyrs and their blood cries out from the ground. The least that America and Britain can do is that for Jewish immigration to Palestine and open the gates to allow the homeless and wanderers to finally find safety and peace. "That faith had now found the six million Jews killed in the lower realms of the Zionist movement spread, showing a letter to the London Times of 22 September 1945 in which - of course in connection with a complaint about the "extremely restrictive" British White Paper of 1939 which have prevented, "hundreds, if not thousands," "to save when they were still be saved" Jews - to read: [82]
    "During the war, six million Jews in Europe were killed. This was the largest number of victims who had any complain a people, proportionally equivalent to the destruction of 33 million people in this country. "Exceptionally, not to Palestine, but money was spinning an article in the New Zealand Evening Post dated 2 October 1945 of the Germans may yet discourage the demand of the Secretary-General of the World Jewish Congress, Leon Kubowitski, the British and VS-Americans, the to use confiscated property of Jews to pay reparations, reported and in which he said, inter alia: [83]

    "The 6,000,000 Jews who were killed, leaving property worth several million pounds, and German law provides that where no heirs, the property returns to the state."On "one of the most militant Zionist mass demonstration in history" on October 4, 1945 in, inter alia, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise the more than 70,000 participants affirmed that the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine would happen in his lifetime, according to the expressed Canadian Jewish Chronicle Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver, President of the American Zionist Emergency Council, to the British no thanks, but merely allegations and claims: [84]

    "They now propose to keep continue these gates [of Palestine] closed against our survivors after six million of our people have died, at whose death your country is not innocent. It will not succeed, Mr. Attlee! The conscience of mankind and their own people will not allow it! "About mass demonstrations reported on 9 October, the Times of London. In an article titled Protest of Palestinian Jews, which reports on casseroles in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and Cairo, it said: [85]
    "Fifty thousand Jews marched today in this, the largest purely Jewish city in the world to protest in advance against the British immigration policy and stood for two minutes in silence in memory of the six million murdered Jews of Europe."In Canada, it also came to Massenaufläufen who had the goal to persuade the Allies to let the Jews of Palestine. As the Canadian Jewish Chronicle reported on 12 October, tens of thousands of Jews gathered on October 8 and in front of the Massey Hall in Toronto, where was heard in a speech by the Russian-born Jew David Arnold Croll, a member of the Canadian Parliament,: [86]
    "Let the world not forget that the Jews were the first who fought the Nazis and suffered; which bore the brunt of the common pursuit and the more than 6,000,000 souls have lost, lost more than all the Allied armies during the war. "In an article in the British newspaper The Observer about a disadvantage of itself seeing Jews carried out a hunger strike in one of the British for "displaced persons" appointed camp near Bergen-Belsen on 14 October 1945 reported sat at the entrance to the office of the Jewish committee a large poster with the question: [87]
    "Six million Jews were murdered - the world where is your conscience?"On 9 November 1945, the Jew Peter Gay lamented alias Peter Joachim Fröhlich, in his column The Gay Outlook that except in the student newspaper Clarion University of Denver, where he was enrolled as a student, even in the student newspaper The Gateway of University of Alberta appeared, the pacifism of the civilized world, which led to the fact that 6,000,000 Jews were murdered and the surviving remnant, a "safe haven" would denied. [88] So Gay aimed apparently at the opening of the gates of Palestine from which were closed for Jews since the British White Paper of 1939. In the same vein beating it is published in a ten days later in the Indian Express, alleged Resolution "survivor" Jews in refugee camps: [89]
    "The world will have no peace as long as Jews have no opportunity to determine their destiny in their own country. We know from experience that the bloody mass murder of six million Jews just because of their homelessness and statelessness was possible. "The six million are declared on oath. On November 26, 1945, was the former employees of the Reich Security Main Office and the SD Wilhelm Höttl as a prosecution witness, a 14 December 1945 as Exhibit USA-296 (Document 2738-PS) [90] during the first Nuremberg Trial introduced affidavit, in which he claimed that Adolf Eichmann had him end of August 1944 to his question how many Jews had been murdered, replied, "although the number was a great Reich secret, but he would tell me that I would have as a historian for interest "and to him the number of six million known. [91] Eichmann himself later denied the so-called Eichmann trial in Palestine, ever called anyone this number or even possessed to have, noting that it was" strange that everyone claims, to hear about my numbers. "[92] About Höttl, who had defected at the latest in April 1945 to the VS-Americans and after the war as an agent of Allied intelligence agencies among others built a Gladioorganisation, [93] [94] states that in an official CIA report, he was "a man of such low character and poor political history, that its use for intelligence activities, no matter how profitable they may be, a short-sighted strategy of the United States." [95]

    The myth is the "common knowledge" Since the Nuremberg trials, the six million figure increasingly on everyone's lips and is repeated even decades after the end of the war at every opportunity of Jews and non-Jews. So said, for example, the then President of the BRD regime Richard von Weizsäcker on May 8, 1985 in his irresponsible speech on the 40th anniversary of the surrender of the Wehrmacht and the onset of BRD-interregnum in the plenary hall of the "German" Bundestag. [107]

    "We remember in particular the six million Jews who were murdered in German concentration camps."The Polish wholesale Rabbi Menachem Joskowicz called 1998 Auschwitz was to be "extraterritorial area" and the Jewish people are, because there alone had been murdered six million Jews. [108]In his speech on the occasion of the Entgegenahme conferred on him by the Jews Leo Baeck Prize in 2004, the then Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of the BRD regime, Joschka Fischer said: [109]
    "The creation of Israel [...] came too late for six million European Jews. This was and is an appalling tragedy. It was from the ashes of the Shoah that Israel was born - a homeland for the Jews in the world to offer and to ensure that the Holocaust would never happen again. Never Again! - Anyone who does not understand this existential fact about Israel and the Jewish people will never understand Israel and the Israeli people and the Israeli policy. "At the 60th UN General Assembly November 1, 2011 Dan Gillerman✡ said at the adoption of resolution 60/7 to the international "Holocaust Remembrance Day": [110]

    "In memory of the six million Holocaust victims and survivors to honor, I thank you for this universal and historic resolution and its adoption by the Assembly [...]."November 9, 2008 Charlotte Knobloch✡ said at the joint commemoration of the Federal Government and the Central Council of Jews in Germany on the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht in Berlin. [111]
    "Madam Chancellor, ladies and gentlemen, [...] the murdered between 1933 and 1945 six million [Jews] must never be degraded to a footnote of history!"The State Executive Committee of the Pirate Party of Lower Saxony published 9 April 2012 an opinion, the number of regional and district associations joined and in which it was stated: [112]

    "With the state-controlled and widely accepted by the population mass murder of more than 6,000,000 children, women and men who have been chosen only because of their religion or ethnic origins, our people, our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents a loaded historical guilt that reminds us today of our obligation of tolerance, unconditional protection of human dignity and preventing a recurrence. "As a prelude to the intended war against Iran, the Jewish occupation regime in Palestine organized in March 2012 celebrations in "remembrance" of the six million Jews. After terrorist leader Benjamin Netanyahu on 18th of the month was connecting between Iran and the supposedly committed against the Jews during the Second World War against Germany by the Nazis crimes rang the next day far zone air raid sirens. In addition, restaurants and Vergnüngungsbetriebe were closed and "Holocaust" propaganda broadcast in the form of "documentation" and tales of "Holocaust survivors" in radio and television. [113]Within the politically correct historians to argue, however, about how many of the allegedly destroyed six million people were Polish Jews. [114] Certainly occurs when setting a high Polish death toll also a political instrument. Polish victim hood to the fore, which the Germans to chronic condolences should stimulate Poland in terms of a perverted culture of remembrance.

    Six million reasons for Argument
    "... There are for Germans, six million reasons to include Israel against instructive comments and prosecutor like carried forward accusations ..." [115]
    "... That there are six million reasons against the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and Germany give ..." [116]
    "... The Jewish people has six million reasons to a reunification of Germany to re-set decided, 45 years after the fall of Nazi Germany, the last line of the settlement between the Jewish people and his tormentors is not yet written ...." [117] [118]
    "... Ben Gurion had six million reasons not to enter into contacts with Germany ...." [119]
    "... Driven by the fact that humanity has learned almost nothing from the Holocaust, Wiesel is refusing to give up hope, though - as he put it in an interview with Oprah - six million reasons would have to do it .. ... "[120]
    "... I could immediately call around 6 million reasons why the NPD is one of the most dangerous parties for democracy ..." [121]
    "... There are six million reasons to ban the NPD! ..." [122]
    "... The post-Nazi conspiracy theory according to since the war have Jews namely the audacity of the world the total destruction which they escaped at the last moment to reproach. (...) If it was or is, then there was probably six million reasons that would justify such actions ... "[123]
    "... Elie Wiesel speaks of Auschwitz and Treblinka have all the answers overridden. After Auschwitz he could give up his belief, 'I would have the right to do. I could many reasons, six million reasons cited to justify my decision ... '"[124]
    "... The fact that he holds to his belief is justified for him in history: For me, there are six million reasons to be a Jew," he says - and is silent for a moment. The people in the camps have suffered - I do not, 'he added then ... "[125]
    "... Therefore Feilcke is also for the deployment of German troops off the coast of Lebanon. , There are six million reasons to do otherwise, but there are also six million reasons. It is Germany's duty to contribute to a safe position in the Middle East ... '"[126]
    "... But in Germany it is not [Barbra Streisand]. [...] Simon and Garfunkel did not want to come. But then I was able to convince with the help of Joan Baez, Paul Simon, it's the stupidest thing you can do if you because this terrible Holocaust tells Germany does not exist. [...] But Barbra Streisand has now its six million reasons why they do not want to occur in Germany ... "[127]
    "... Barbra Streisand did not previously even. Six million reasons they held at the time from performing in Germany ... "[128]
    "... Then it was a woman I admire very much, Barbara Streisand. We never get, because her manager said, because there are six million reasons. Even Simon & Garfunkel did not come for a long time because of the Holocaust to Germany ... "[129]
    "... And the others that I did not get to the stage that is Barbra Streisand. [...] But at that time there were six million reasons not to make an appearance in Germany - six million murdered Jews. Simon and Garfunkel were also of the opinion:, Germany? No, thank you '... "[130]

    Mystical backgrounds

    The Orthodox rabbis and Talmud professor at Yeshiva University Benjamin sheet writes in his 1991 book The Secrets of Hebrew words in relation to the 3rd book of Genesis, chapter 25 verse 10: [132] [133]
    "The Hebrew word for" you will return ", תָּשֻׁבוּ (TaShuVU), appears to be misspelled. Grammatically it requires another וּ (Waw). It should read תָּשֻׁוּבוּ (TaShUVU). Why the letter is missing וּ (Waw), which represents the number six? תָּשֻׁבוּ (TaShuVU) without וּ (Waw) is a forecast for the Jewish people on the final return to their national homeland. תָּשֻׁבוּ (TaShuVU) in numbers adds up to 708: TAV = 400, shin = 300, 2 = vei, vey =. 6 If we write the year, then we ignore the millennium. In 1948, the secular calendar, we experienced the miracle of Jewish return to Israel. In Hebrew, this corresponded to the year 5708. That was the year that was predicted by the incomplete word תָּשֻׁבוּ (TaShuVU), you will return. We returned with missing 6-important 6 million of our people who perished in the Holocaust. But the fulfillment of the prediction of return to exactly that of the gematria of תָּשֻׁבוּ (TaShuVU) implied year gives us firm hope that come true for last salvation the words of the prophets. "Even in the existing at least since the 13th century Zohar, the most important work of Kabbalah, a special role is the number 6 representing Hebrew letter "Vav" attributed [134]

    "The redemption of Israel is through the mystical power of letters" "are achieved in the sixth millennium [...]." WawFurther examples of the significance of the number 6 in the Jewish tradition:
    According to the Torah, the world of God was created in six days.The "number of the beast" is composed of three sixes (666).The Star of David has six prongs.Six hundred thousand times adult men have moved to Moses out of Egypt.In the first verse of the Torah are 6 Aleph (א, the first letter of the Hebrew Alpabets with the numerical value 1). [135] Jewish mystics therefore argue that since each Aleph represents 1000 years, [136] 6 * 1000 = 6000 years must enter human history. [137]

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    I'm not getting this. What is the point? 666, 6m jews, end of times?
    Can u connect the dots in plain English please?
  4. ghrit

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    It's a machine translation, won't ever be clear without serious reading and studying.
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  5. Ganado

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    Something is definitely lost in the translation so after you 'seriously' study it and if you figure it out will you let me know. I've read it 2x and there is no point that I can tell.
  6. Brokor

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    I love your inquiring mind, I must admit. :) You should know, however...some questions can be quite dangerous.

    Among my many (even sometimes useless) studies, I have dabbled for a few years in gematria, or should I say Kabalah (spelling varies) and ancient Hebrew mysticism, along with the required prerequisite -Aramaic. Although, I should say, I was pleased to find another who spoke Aramaic in a beaten down restaurant in New Jersey once, these folks made the BEST chicken paprikash. Anyway, suffice to say, there's no real truth to be found in the study unless you really hold a belief in the spiritual side of Jewish mysticism. It's all subjective in the end. Essentially, it works like this (very basic version here): The Aramaic alphabet is close to modern Hebrew, but there are no vowels. Every letter has a corresponding numerical significance, and back when the folks who used this language were being persecuted (oy vey they still are!) they would write stories and tales, but only those with the key could unravel the message they contained. Some of these have been transcribed over the years, and books followed like the Bible Code, the Book of Enoch, Dead Sea Scrolls, etc. There is a great deal of information in these old texts, but it entirely depends on your perspective as to how the meaning comes to light. Now, that being said, you should know there is no direct translation from Aramaic to English, and some words carry meaning from ancient Greece, making it even more of a pain in the backside.

    The thing is, even after you have been initiated into a fraternal order or some secret society with Jewish influence (like B'nai B'rith Freemasonry) the meanings are still entirely subjective.

    The purpose of my lengthy post above was to illustrate the numerous times Jewish (actually Zionist) infiltrators have used the phrase "6 million Jews" to describe the suffering of their people. It corresponds to an ancient prophecy which states that 6 million Jewish souls will pay the price for the establishment of a new homeland. However, the True Torah Jews (in my humble opinion) are the ONLY real Jewish people who know what's really true. And it's not much of a prophecy if it is forced into being -especially by subterfuge and lies. Now you are probably wondering what a Zionist is. That's another long story, I really didn't want to get into that. But, basically, a Zionist is a Jew who conspires to establish a nation for themselves (ISRAEL). You may ask, "what's wrong with that?" but the True Torah Jews (and many Orthodox Jews) will tell you it goes against the Torah since they are in exile by divine decree and may emerge from exile solely via Divine Redemption. Essentially, it means NO STATE OF ISRAEL. Now, the entire holocaust comes into perspective. The reoccurring propaganda for Jewish persecution in Europe found in American newspapers since the First World War show that the Jewish persecution and the Holocaust were the official reason for the establishment of Israel. They wanted it all along, or at the very least, certainly talked about it long before it ever happened. Some skeptics will ask if the figures are correct, because how else could they have gotten the "6 million Jews massacred" right decades before Hitler even came into power? Even more so, the estimates for the number of Jews in Europe at the time were only at 3.5 million, and many were sent to other nations or escaped to Palestine long before any death camps even started. I personally find it hard to see how I can trust the official story when simple arithmetic and logic contradict the "facts" presented.

    Check this out: Ten Questions to the Zionists, by Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandl | True Torah Jews
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    Oh, thanks a lot! Now I have something else stuck in my head and have already started considering the angles..
    An interesting thread.. I will have to revisit and ponder..
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    Awesome Broker. I am very familiar with the kabbahl and many of its esoteric teachings. The 6m thing has always confused me but I have never put it together like this.

    Read the link. The Rabbi makes a case for false prophets doesn't he
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