Today is kitchen wiring upgrade day, off-grid...

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by BTPost, Jun 24, 2020.

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    We are finished moving out of our old cabin, and lots of our Thirty Years of Stuff, is in boxes taking up floor space, everywhere up at our new Place... So, AlaskaChick decided to put up a 4-tube 4’ Florescent Light over the sink, in the Blue Cabins kitchen... Ok, where is i t getting it’s power from? Well, we need a 4 Outlet 120Vac box right here next to the 12Vdc light switch... and were is this new outlet box going to get it’s power from? Well, over here from this 2 Outlet box that the microwave is plugged into ... She found a 10’ chunk of 10/2 romex and a 4Square Blue Outlet Box and two Duplex outlet fixtures... So, today, we put up the Light, tested it with an extension cord, and moveda bunch of boxes/containers of “Stuff” around so we could move the Propane Refer, so I could get to the 2 outlet box, and wire in the 10/2 romex, after mounting the 4Square Box and running the romex... That whole process took about 4 hours, and half of that. was moving boxes/Containers of “stuff” around to make room, and then putting it all back, so when she gets time, sorting thru and finding places for the “stuff” to live... So, now it is napp time, staying off my foot, for a couple of hours...

    Pictures as soon as I can get them posted...

    E9890D2B-2CBD-4FCC-9020-220AAAD06D17. 15800C7B-7FEC-459F-8EC3-84FCF3287CA6.


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    I think I see a bear outside in the first picture?
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    Nope, no Bear.... though we had a moose behind the Wash House yesterday....
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    F30A6A00-F6C3-4EE6-BC76-B78C3275AB81. ADA354F1-A6F9-4582-8E89-E0DDB2641267. Update: Well we are still slowly digging our way out of the “30 Years of Stuff, in “Moving Boxes“ and finally got the Blue Cabin Kitchen, squared away...
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    Sorry man, Now I'm seeing seahawks !
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    As soon as this Covig thing gets a vaccine and I can visit without a two week quarantine I need to come visit. :). My organization side wants to be unleashed on your shelves. I love the pictures of your projects though. How goes the winterization insulation projects?
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    The insulation of the Brown cabin kitchen is complete, as of yesterday, and we are trying to get the sink and. water system reinstalled, this week... The finish work will take a bit longer... We are clearing out, and finding homes for the moving boxes of “Stuff” in the main room of the Blue cabin.. Hope to start on the Front bedroom tomorrow... We will keep on, keeping on...
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