Today is THE day....Give thanks...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dragonfly, Nov 24, 2011.

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    Generally, a LOT of us lose sight of the many things we have and have not and to give thanks to ( your choice here) for what you have ... and why!
    Me, well first of all I want to say "thank you" to one and all of you here at the monkey's! I am thankful for my health and my friends ( few of them as there may be) I am happy,as I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in my stomach. There are a LOT of people that don't have those things...right here today, in OR own Country! I have the "blessings" of many, though at times I barely recognize them. So today, I wanted to say: "THANK YOU"! Many do not know and may never be aware, that they are the one's I know I can count on in hard times...You see it's Not about money or things that you can hold in your hands, it's about the support they provide, behind the scenes, that few are aware of...!
    Breaking with "Tradition", I have found I do NOT need the turkey, the dressing, the pies and all the fixin's to be thankful. I have something far more important and valuable ( to me anyway!): people. I have you guys and gals! I have a place to call "home", where I can get into disagreements and still be accepted as one of you. I can make mistakes and still be forgiven for being human. I found out long ago, not even the closest of relatives can do that! You make me think, use reason, and to be able to overcome my own inabilities to be social.
    So, I thank each and everyone of you here for that!
    Now, I hope all of you can be as thankful as some of us are today, and for this site where we can ALL come together and share, argue, and fuss and fume, and STILL be accepted and taken in!
    May you ALL have a wonderful and warm "Thanksgiving Day"!
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    I'm always thankful for my 'peoples', today I'm mainly thankful that my cousin had a healthy baby girl Tuesday morning :) And I'm so thankful it's a girl, cause I can send her stupid little frilly outfits that I would have hated my parents for making me wear :)
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    A truly splendid post, have certainly found the secret of happiness I think - to be thankful for everything that is worthwhile and not just the "big stuff". I recall one year, when I was living on a bush farm and was unavoidably alone with my very young children - all we had to eat was canned "pork 'n beans" but my kids and I went out on to the rocks and gathered pretty red vines to weave around the dishes on the table. The kids thought it was the greatest thing ever! Strange thing though - I can't specifically recall any other Thanksgiving although most of them were complete with the turkey and trimmings but that Thanksgiving stands out in my memory as being very special!
  4. weegrannymush

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    Congratulations on the new wee one! Blessings on her and her parents. And knock yourself out buying the outfits, lol!

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    first of all I'm an American Indian and i don't celebrate thanksgiving and I'm not trying to stir up trouble--the history that is taught in school about thanksgiving is so wrong and i might risk being banned for posting these sites so here goes

    Native blood: the truth behind the myth of `Thanksgiving Day' (now with video) | Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

    i am deeply into native American Indian spiritually and thank the great spirit every day for my blessings and health -i like you was taught that thanksgiving was something good in school but later in years i researched in depth the real meaning of thanksgiving-i cried for my people-and ever since i haven't celebrated thanksgiving -i don't mean to offend anyone,not my way-just trying to tell the truth about our history--sorry if you don't believe me but i urge you to search on your own-theres so many ways to type your search---just find the truth-sometimes it might shock you
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    The Australian Aborigines fell much the same way

    The Australian Aborigines feel much the same way about Australia Day (The anniversary of establishing European (British) settlement at Sydney Cove. Many contemporary Australian Aborigines have renamed the day Invasion Day in protest. There is a very eurocentric tinge to the retelling of Australian History, and usually the Aboriginal side of the equation doesn't get much of a hearing.

    Like the American Indians, the Australian Aborigines suffered exploitation and systematic abuse for much of the couple of hundred years since European Settlement. Missionaries of different denominational affiliation did much to destroy Aboriginal culture by evangelising the Aboriginal people to replace Aboriginal traditional customs and spiritual beliefs with Christian beliefs.
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    Not stirring the pot for me, I'm part Native American and never had a problem with Thanksgiving(as far as I know, there isn't a nation in the world that doesn't have its roots in bloodshed, and I'm not gonna feel guilty for something that I'm not responsible for). I do know where marlas1too is coming from though...I absolutely REFUSE to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It's like asking Jon Stewart to celebrate Hitler Day.
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