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    Bad toe Nails are a fact of life for many of us and the older we get the worse they get. Most of us that get those curled in out and up do so because it is a genetic trait. They are painful, they are ugly, they make monster ingrown nails and worse they often get infected causing even greater pain. I finally got tired of fighting with mine and had them removed this morning. $800 for a permanent removal and a few days of blood pain is a small price to pay to my way of thinking to never have to deal with the torture they caused........ just the digging ingrown nail out every 1-2 weeks and the infections ingrowns are prone to creating.

    Throw bad nails into a shtf and they would have a high potential of being debilitating if not deadly. Might be a little bloody and be painful for a week or so but in my case well worth it for the long term gain and lack of long term pain. Wishing I had taken the time to have them removed 10 years ago. Even just 4 hours after the removal they hurt less than they did on most days in that last 10 years :)

    Bandages come of Monday and will take 6-8 weeks to get a good layer of protective scar tissue over the nail bed.

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    Damn, $800! I would have done it for $300, just me and my pliers, and thrown in a good bottle of Scotch as pain killer...only if you let me drink it with you. :) So, let me know if you need any more removed. I do fingernails too!
  3. Gator 45/70

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    OUCH!!! Get well soon!!!
    On second glance those feet would be better suited wrapped around a log!!!
  4. arleigh

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    Sometimes total removal is the only way.
    I feel your pain .
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    A couple cents worth of suggestions. Get the proper tools to do the job, and have extras. Those thick toe nails are a WHOLE LOT EASIER TO CLIP WHEN SOFTENED. Soak your damn feet in hot water with epsom salts. Find a friend who you might suspect is also having trouble even touching their damn toes and ask about foot care problems. You are not alone! Tell them what I have said above ask them if they would be interested in a mutual care pact. $800 !!! I think not. Call your friend tell them you could use some foot care, how about them? Could you get together in next few days for foot soak and toenail trim? This ain't sexual, it's necessary medical care that can be handled on a 2 person level for mutual benefit and health. Those of you with significant others, if your SO ain't willing to do this, what the hell does for better or worse mean to them? It might be a good time to find out NOW.
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    Variable speed dremel tool with sanding drum and cutoff disks....
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    Don't need SHTF, number of diabetics I have known over the years who have lost toes, feet, even legs due to bad circulation and bad toe nails is serious. At some point many of us reach the point that eyesight, flexibility, hand strength, etc just no longer allow us to trim our toenails well enough to prevent the ingrown ones, large most likely, to get infected, and like pressure sores in the bed ridden, it can take months of treatment at best to heal the, and at worse, you may lose foot or leg. A broken bone, sprain, infection, etc that was a minor problem at 20 can be fatal at 80 even with modern treatment and medicines.
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    Ain't none of y'all heard of a Pedicure?
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    Hope this puts your suffering to an end...I can't imagine what that's like, but it sure sounds painful!
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    When they took a new twist and started curling under on the edges and pinching the nail bed to the center......... yeah it got to where a piss ant walking across them may as well have been a elephant stepping on them. The day after the removal they actually hurt less than the day before the removal.

    LOL I think not.... something to be said for a pro doing some things and plenty of local anesthetic pumped into a specific area :)

    After the last 10 years since they started growing funny, the final solution was the only option left. Should have just got them removed back then and saved myself 10 years of weekly agony. Damn things not only grew thick but they grew fast and everytime they grew back it was worse than the time before. Friend had it done a while back and put to rest my worries about not having the nail as protection on them. Said the layer of scar tissue that forms is as good as any toe nail and minus the headaches of toe nails.

    Yep and they would not touch my big toes :)
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    AS far as price goes I am not complaining about $800 covered by insurance and my $30 co-pay. Pretty cheap in my opinion for possibly 20-30 years of never having to deal with them again :)
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    I'm just glad to hear you're pain free now . At the age we're getting to be , if we can stop a pain from occurring , the better off we'll be . I'm getting ready for knee surgeries , and I'm hoping that will cure those pains , but there's others that I'm just going to have to live with . The more pains we have , the harder it is to get out and do the things we need to do , and I've got plenty to do , so the less pains I have to start with , the better .
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    Yes, and I have also heard of Barbers, but for the last 25 years I have cut my own hair.
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    :ROFLMAO: ,, I've heard of barbers to , and me or them have cut my hair in 30 years ,,,:ROFLMAO:
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    LOL like my Doctor said last visit when I was bitching about this or that hurting now "Mike you are damn hard 50 now and it is not going to get any better going forward :) " Might not like it but that is the way it is.
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    You're just a child, wait a few more decades, it gets better!
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  18. Cruisin Sloth

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    Mike @ hard 50 , gets nails pulled (balls in throat) ..

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    I got a pedicure for Christmas.
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    Good preventive maintenance is what it takes to keep your feet in proper shape.

    Just think of it as a PM for your stompers, aka the only non issued manual evasive and escape system you have to keep in working order.
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