Toilet paper and janitorial supplies: A discussion

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    This is to be a discussion on what products you are using now and when SHTF.

    I have realized that I don't have enough knowledge to be helpful on most survival issues. However, as many of you know my family has manufactured toilet paper for over 30 years here in NC and has been involved in many janitorial/sanitation businesses. What I am saying is...I know my TP and janitorial supplies! :)

    Tip #1. If you live near a paper mill or converting facility there is sometimes a product produced called a "second." In the paper industry it is typically a damaged or slightly defective roll (By defective I mean a little long or short on the width) of toilet paper that is usually just re pulped or discarded. You can buy this product up to 95% less than what you would buy for comparable footage in any box shop or janitorial supply store. Therefore, you could buy 2400 rolls of household toilet paper in the $250 range.

    If you want to know if there is a manufacturing facility here is the good old USA near you PM me. You would be surprised the amount of TP we import from China…If that is not a waste of fuel I do not know what is.

    Also please feel free to ask any questions on any products out there you are unsure of. I am familiar with all brands and can give you a breakdown of what stuff is and where it comes from.
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