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    Well, I can safely say I dont want to deal with another tomato for a few months anyway. I canned 175 jars of tomato sauce.
    I started w/ tomatoes from the garden. I boiled them for a few minutes and tossed them into ice water. Once the skin popped I pulled it off and tossed the tomato in the pot. I added some dried oregano, cilantro, basil, and bay leaf. Then I put dehydrated garlic from the garden in. Let the whole mix cook down for a couple hours. Canned it and set it on the counter to cool. Of course I did not do all 175 at once but over the course of the past month.
    Render down some ground venison with some evoo and chopped onions then add a jar of sauce. Cook some home made pasta and sit back and enjoy the snow bound power outage in the middle of February. The wind is blowing producing a wind chill of -15, the power is out, snow is falling at 2"/hour and is predicted to continue for the next 6-8 hours, county has shut down all roads, and we are sittin back with fresh pasta a house pumpin along at 78 degrees on the first floor and a happy little family playin games by lantern light.
    All this joy brought to you by a tomato.
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    Sadly I didnt get but one sad little to-mater before the drought we had this year did them in... same drought the hit Texas also got OK and my corner of Southeast Kansas...

    to bad to cause I found a ram recipe I was dying to try out
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