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    I don't care for Boortz that much, but the content is usually spot on.

    Before It's News
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    We understand the truth in not taking from us to give to others that don't want to work. We see so much truth there that we blindly accept the big lie that it hides with so many other truisms. Maybe in past, we have had to rely on the rich investing and spending so that each of us can have one of every thing and replace it every so often so we can all have job to support those that don't have jobs but that is a spiral that has lost momentum i9t has expanded too far to be felt. We can quibble about it all we want but there will be no revival of the one of everything for everyone system of market and "Free Enterprise" that followed WWll and only now has expended it's impetus.
    We aren't going to like it but what happens next is total control of the masses until revolution forces a great reduction in population and cottage industry formed by the workers, that's right...the workers...start the rebuilding all over again. Maybe the nest cannot survive without the queen but the kingdom is built and all are fed SOLEY by those that work...not the rich. We have been tricked into accepting credit due to those that have greatly prospered, more power to them, as the creators and taken the credit from the workers...
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    I would be willing to bet that those who have prospered on their own, not the inherited wealth, have worked longer and harder than most of the workers they have hired. The wise ones might not have a lot of material wealth because they reinvest in their businesses which allows them to hire more people and give them an opportunity to prosper.
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    While that is true from WWll to just a few years ago, the game has changed. Mark my words, it is collapsing. Those that made it and reinvested it formerly are playing their card close now because make as many of them as you can, nobody's buying them.
    Those of us that are the lion's share of the market are also the workers and we can't afford to buy their crap any more; the spiral can no longer feed us.
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    What I have observed is the difference between fulfilling wants and needs. While I resent paying $5.50 for a 5 lb bag of sugar, I'm willing to plunk down my dollars for something that is merely a desire. I think what, as a society, we resent is that a greater portion of our income goes to meeting our needs leaving us fewer resources to fill our wants.

    I also think that there is an enormous difference between the president of General Electric and the backbone of our business economy, the small business. Small business owners are struggling every bit as much as the consumer is without the big annual bonus given to large corporate officers. that doesn't mean that the large corporations haven't earned their due. If they make the right decisions, many prosper, more plants, more employees, more dollars pumped into the local economies. If they make a bad decision, just the opposite - plants close, workers laid off, homes in foreclosure, more food stamp applicants.

    I don't think one answer fits all. But I do agree that there is a spiral effect, but the spiral runs in two directions

    Don't play into the class war. No one benefits
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    It is not playing to class war to recognize that the "Rich" have been give way too much credit. I do not consider a moderately successful small business owner as rich. I do not resent the Donald trumps, just think they are blowing or rather paying someone else to blow their trumpets and getting way too much credit from the "Conservative" side.
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    Instead of embracing the class envy struggle which epitomizes communism, I would focus on the corporations and how they have slithered into comfortable positions of power. The age of industry gave way to the technological age, but through it all, the corporate cartels reigned dominant. They have become legalized and protected mafias of the state. Corporations are no longer chartered for a decade and then dismantled, they are afforded individual liberties and sovereignty we no longer hold for ourselves. Private banking corporations rule the world, and most people still falsely believe their governments are in control.

    Capitalism, in the modern age has become corporatism; this is the root problem.
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    I can agree with that. But we have become a culture that idolizes "fame." While I give slightly more credence to Donald Trump who used intellect and cunning to get where he is that I do to Freddie Boom Boom Jones who might not be able to read but has a phenomenal passing arm, neither has earned my attention when it comes to decision making.

    You have a great deal in this life but you have worked your butt of for every bit of it as I have and many others have. I resent those who begrudge me, or you, or any of the other worker bees what we have earned
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