Too many laws hurt us all

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    A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people many take away the rights of the other forty-nine.
    Thomas Jefferson

    We have become too benign to accept the risks of freedom. Like cattle, we are fed and gently guided to our stature in life by forces outside the definition of free choice. This is not fate that guides and shapes our lives, it is design : pure and simple. To make some old white men feel safer, we allow ourselves to be searched, watched, questioned, ordered, and eventually granted limited permission to proceed with what used to be just a matter of choice. We no-longer deserve freedom because we are not prepared to fight for it. We no-longer deserve freedom because we will not sacrifice for it. We no-longer have freedom because we are not prepared to die for it.

    Find the costs of freedom, buried in the ground…..

    We have vested our own personal interest at the sacrifice of freedoms for all. When we say that any person must limit their choices for any reason that doesn’t directly or indirectly harm others, we have taken a bite from the loaf of freedom. If we pass legislation to control any aspect of other’s lives to serve our own agenda, then we are as guilty as the government of subjugating freedom. The extension of this binds us all. I don’t want the highways filled with drunk drivers so all of them (us) must serve the laws that protect our children even though one or two over the legal limit isn’t really the cause of nearly as many accidents as the lawyers and insurance companies (and their premiums) would have us all believe. So we create an agenda to deal with this on a very large scale with increased surveillance and law-enforcement, bigger budgets, more jails, more judges, more lawyers, bondsmen, breathalyzers, piss-testing, lab-corps, breath-mints, M.A.D.D., traffic cameras, road-blocks, D.A.R.E. programs that pay our children to inform on us, the list just goes on and on.

    We have reached the conclusion that law-enforcement can not protect us from crime, this is evidenced by the number of people electing to carry firearms to defend themselves with. Since there are now more police of every imaginable kind than ever in the history of man and we are more than ever in the history of man to become a victom of crime. If they are not tasked with protecting and serving, just what is their purpose, if not to enforce the law on the ones of us that aren’t out to do any harm?
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    Excellent composition.

    Have you ever thought about taking some of these writings, expounding on them and putting them in book form.
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