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    Hybrid cars dangerously quiet for pedestrians: US blind group

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    WASHINGTON (AFP) - An association of blind Americans has warned that cars with hybrid engines using electricy and fuel are dangerously too quiet for pedestrians.

    The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) said hybrid cars pose a risk to the blind, children, the elderly, cyclists and distracted pedestrians.
    The group said it conducted tests with blind people.
    "We had the car drive by in different situations, to see wether or not people could hear it and use the sound of the car to safely cross the street, and they could not. The car was just silent," NFB spokesman John Pare told AFP.
    Pare said NFB does not want to add to noise pollution, but hybrid cars should not be less noisy than other cars.
    Chris Danielsen, a 36-year-old NFB member, said up to 30 people took part in tests on a side street and in an alleyway with a Toyota Prius and a Honda Civic.
    "We all stood on the side of the street and the idea was to raise your hand as you heard the car approach," Danielsen said.
    "We generally couldn't sense that it was there right in front of us, which of course, if we had been standing in the road, would have been running right over us," he said.
    "By the time anybody detected it, if we had actually been standing in the road, it would have taken out three or four people."
    Barbara Pries, a member of NFB's pedestrian security committee, said no blind person has been killed by a hybrid car but some have reported having near accidents.
    "It's just a matter of time before people are going to get injured and killed," she said.
    Nearly 4,900 pedestrians were killed in road accidents in the United Stats in 2005, according the government figures.
    NFB said it contacted Toyota, Honda and Ford in vain to ask that a noise or signal could be added to their hybrids.
    Toyota representatives said there were no current plans to change its hybrid but that it was looking into improving pedestrian safety.
    "We are aware of this issue and studying a way to improve pedestrian safety. It's important that the solution doesn't add to noise pollution but is good for pedestrians," said Toyota spokeswoman Martha Voss.
    But another Toyota spokesman, Xavier Dominici, said the trend was toward quieter cars and that people should start getting used to them.
    "There is a lot of ambient noise and the trends toward quiet powertrains in all vehicle has raised the need for additional caution to be exercised by pedestrians and drivers as well," he said.
    "Part of it is also acclimating your ear to that noise. Frankly the sound of an automobile is changing as more quiet powertrains and hybrid vehicles come to dominate the market," he said.
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    From The American Foundatoin for the Blind website:

    Approximately 1.3 million Americans are legally blind

    Approximately 109,000 visually impaired people in the United States use long canes to get around.

    Just over 7,000 Americans use dog guides. Annually, approximately 1,500 individuals graduate from a dog-guide user program.

    Today's population (literally today)
    U.S. 301,172,496 (that's 300 million)

    So, boys and girls, let's do the math. Roughly 1/300th of the population is blind. Well, that does it! Ban environmentally friendlier everything as a dire hazard to this vastly under-populated minority! The gall of manufacturers making anything too quiet to notice! Heavens forfend anyone should have to take responsibility to take cues from the rest of their environment!

    Being blind doesn't mean the same as being brain-dead (no offense to either party).

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    "said no blind person has been killed by a hybrid car but some have reported having near accidents."
    If they can't hear or see them?[dunno]
    Get the plate number?

    "Nearly 4,900 pedestrians were killed in road accidents in the United Stats in 2005, according the government figures."
    How many were blind or optically impared? [dunno]

    Hey the same people were against the Mr Magoo movie too.

    I am not disparaging the visually impared, that would be a bummer, just pointing out how some 'groups' will skew figgures in thier favor.

    "The group said it conducted tests with blind people." [doh]

    City people no doubt, bad ears anyways.

  4. Devildog3531

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    *sigh* the castration of the United States is increasing at a fast rate; Hillary being elected will complete the process...
  5. Tango3

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    Don't hear any blind complaints against bicyclist...

    Devildog you couldn't be more right... fell free to join in beating the primitive drums and keening with us...bring some more hot rocks in with you to the "sweat lodge"...
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    Livinng in the country I have noticed that I (and my hearing is horid since untill the last year or 2 I rarely used ear protection when shooting or running VERY loud power equiptment) can hear the noise from tires on the road about a mile or so down the road, well before I can hear the motor noise. So if they cut down a lot of the ambient noise and or adjust to listening for tire noise rather than just motor noise then the problem is solved anyway. Besides the folks for hearing could argue just as well that the noise from urban traffic noise damages hearing and so anything done to quiet it would be a health boone.
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    The problem is we are all "Special Interest." NRA, PETA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, The Brady Bunch, NAACP, The Humane Society, AARP........on and on and on.

    Maybe it would be a better idea to just put a bounty out on lobbyist.
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    Huh? Its just a reminder that newer cars are much quieter and more pedestrians may be hit because of it, so both drivers and pedestrians should be more careful. Just a reminder to adapt to new technology.
  9. Clyde

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    Run em over.... [booze]driving isn't for beginners
  10. Gallowglass

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    Hey! I'm left handed! When do I get to be a victim?

    I think Tango3 makes an excellent point about the blind groups not protesting bicycles.
  11. ripsnort

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    Well Clyde, if you end up in the same joint - tell Gunkid we've been thinking of him!
  12. Devildog3531

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    The average ejection port cover is on the right side of a rifle... provided you fire left handed too, ejected brass could block your view and/or hit you in the face. It would be horrible:)
  13. monkeyman

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    Not so much, you tend to learn to adjust your grip a bit so the brass flies over your arm. lol I shoot mostly left handed.
  14. kckndrgn

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    Since I don't belong to any special interest group, can I get a special interest group for those with no special interests?[booze]eek3
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