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Discussion in 'Range reports' started by engineer1371, Aug 23, 2010.

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    This ^

    is a great point. As the old saying goes, the "best" gun is the one that you have with you when you need it. If on a budget, a high point beats having nothing. Having something now is better than having a "wish I had" when SHTF.

    I can see the like ammo point as well.

    Anyone ever use a Kel-Tec? They can take the same mags as your favorite pistol as well (I think??).

    BNMB made a good point:
    Don't rule out those high caliber surplus guns. I, personally, would rather have a pistol and $100 Mosin Nagant. Ammo is probably cheaper than 9mm at the moment. Range and power is ridiculous. A lot snub having a bolt rifle, but between a poorly chambered semi-auto and a powerfully chambered bolt rifle- the bolt rifle has my vote. A man with a bolt rifle learns to aim well.....
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    My thinking about SHTF goes in a direction that you won't be fighting trench battles, like WWI, but most likely attack from more than one person, and maybe even more than one direction....If I can spray AK sniper ammo at attackers when they are 700-800 meters away in short bursts of 2-3 rounds or single shots, the fewer of them will come relatively near you to try and run you over. But if you're stuck with bolt gun, you won't have many opportunities to miss...With scoped AK you just fire without loosing sight on the targets and overall picture of the situation, and with bolt gun every shot needs searching for the targets over and over can reload AK in 3 seconds, reestablish targets sight and keep blasting...and what happens if they come near you in a pack? You shoot one and use the bolt gun as a bat?...JM2C...
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    Well, not to continue the thread hijack, but since we are discussing theoretical tactics and preferred combat loadouts in a SHTF situation, I must admit that all of these points are quite reasonable and there is no ONE real "ideal" setup --each conforms to the person's preferences, budget, and tactical preparedness level. That said, there are some really poor choices to be made, but as long as the person isn't stupid, just about any rifle/handgun can become valuable tools. I forget where I was watching, but the story of the Jews who fought against the Nazi's serves as an excellent primer for a realistic scenario to prepare for. Again, this credo was emblazoned by Churchill's own words when he spoke about "the pistol that can defeat an army", in reference to the people outnumbering the Tyrants of the world. I feel that as long as we are not drowned by indifference, any gun is a good gun. Unless it is a malfunctioning piece of garbage.
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    I'm still alive. :D
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    I know it is an old thread but....

    I recently read (and confirmed) that Hi point is now making their carbine in .45acp. Sold! Figuring to have my gunsmith order me one of those. Have shot the 9mm and liked it. not the best materials but a fair firearm. Reloaders beware of excessive pressure in your rounds. Have seen two Hi points that had catastrophic failures from HOT loads.
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    The older Hi-Points perhaps, but in my 995TS the +P rounds work quite well. It is actually rated for hot loads and I run them through it all the time.

    This is for Al. I think he will appreciate the message being military:
    YouTube - ‪Shot Placement‬‏
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    Few engagement ranges reach or exceed 200M. Just over half of the man on man infantry engagements are 50M or less. A pistol caliber carbine will work for at least 90% of the possible engagements one is likely to be involved in. The AK is perfect for this, and the gents over at Warrior Talk are doing good things with scoped AK's. Plus, the 7.62x39 turns a lot of cover into concealment. Not all, but a lot... especially cars.

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    Great vid Brokor! Harlem nights? Funny stuff.
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    This what the wife uses now and more than pleased with. I put a red dot on it for her and it hits where put ya dot out to hundred ,she also has a laser for up close.
    Don't think she'll ever go back to the M1 carbine .
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    I have a Hi-Point 995 with an ATI stock and a cheap red-dot. It is an absolute BLAST at the range! I have people come up to me wondering if it is a Beretta...sure looks like one! They're reasonably accurate out to about 75 yds, anything further than that I use my K-31... That thing kicks like a mule! 7.5x55 Swiss (their version of the .308). Straight-pull bolt, with a bayonet for zombies. Fast cycle, and the best durn trigger I've ever pulled.

    For my bugout carbine, I'd let my wife use the 995, and I have a Sub-2000 (Kel-Tec). The good thing about the Kel-Tec is that it takes Glock 31-round mags, as does my Glock 19. Or, it'll be happy with G17 mags as well. Have several of each. The bad thing about the K-T is that the charging handle is in a non-intuitive place (on the bottom of the bolt-carrier tube). I need to find (or contrive) a pad for the butt of it, it has a little half-dome protrusion for locking it in folded position, and it HURTS after a dozen shots or so, the bolt is slamming back through that tube HARD! Leaves a dime-sized bruise on my shoulder. The 995's are more like farm implements in their construction than finely-crafted firearms, but they're durable (unless you run hot rounds through them!).

    I got the 995 shortly after I got my C9 (since sold it). One of the deciding factors for me was the preponderance of 9mm ammo around. Figured that scavenging the most common handgun round in the US would be beneficial after TSHTF.

    My brother thinks of the 9mm as a "son-of-a-bitch" round. I asked him to explain, he said "You'll hit a man with 3-4 rounds, and he'll still be charging you! That's when you say "Son-of-a-bitch! I KNOW I hit him, why doesn't he drop?" Over-penetrating in 124gr mil-spec ball, newer HP bullets have much better expansion and can drop someone in one shot, depending on placement. I usually practice "Mozambique", two shots center mass, one shot for me. Haven't had a single B-27 target get up yet from that combo!
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    Whenever someone states the 9mm can't do a hundred yards, can't stop an attacker, can't do this, that or the other thing.......
    I challenge them to stand at one hundred yards and I'll pop him with the 9mm.......

    No takers yet......

    Love my M995!!
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    I always remind them, there are dozens of 9MM Carbines, that definitely have 100 yard Kill ranges, and ask them, "Will you let me use a Ruger 9MM Carbine on you, at 120 Yards?" Like you, Seawolf, NO TAKERS.......
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    I started to get a 995TS a few years back, but got distracted by the Kel-Tec Sub2K in 9MM for the "folding factor" and the ability to use the same mags as my Glock...the 33 rounders make it a great little gun. I ended up getting 2 so I could get the first one away from my wife...mine lives in a laptop case in my truck, while hers lives in the bedroom.

    That said, I think it's time to get that 995 I never got around to buying...
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    I have my AR-R and love it me and my wife both carry 9mm concealed I prefer my 1911 but hate to get it scuffed and it's heavey. I just bought a glock 26 for concealed carry and I have a PT140 I keep in a fobus holster bolted under the dash of my vehicle. Any way I plan on buy one of the highpoint carbine's for my daughter she will be daddy's little zombie slayer. I have shot several of the carbine's 9mm and 40 with no problems and the gun is light and easy to shoot. The only thing is a buddy tells me they are a B!#$H to clean. I no the pistols are you have to remove pins with a punch then do two back flips while twisting left or that what it seems like. Have any of you took the carbine down yet?
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    I started with the 40 Cal. pistol, ugly and heavy, but dead on and never had an issue with it. I then bought the ts models in both 40 and 45. Out of the box with iron sights, dead on at 50 yards. All I need as they are inside weapons, and anything further than 50 yards out I won't shoot at with a pistol caliber.
    For all the bad I have read about these weapons, I am most satisfied with them. I do own and run weapons in the $1300 + category ,so I don't call these weapons cheap or junk, they are a value item, biggest bang for the buck.

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    I have a pretty popular YT video on this from 2010:

    Here's a quick demonstration using the extended Pro-Mag:
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