Took out YET ANOTHER Credit Card today!!

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by UncleMorgan, May 19, 2015.

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  1. Yard Dart

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    Easy gentlemen........
  2. HK_User

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    AMEX is a credit card and it forces the owner to pay up on demand (end of the month) or suffer.
    To me that means that those with AMEX have a problem with credit unless they know their feet are held to the fire each month.
    No problem from me, I once had the other CC that worked the same way. It kept me,when I was extremely poor but in need of a base line of credit, to know that I had to pay at the end of each month. I don't know if that answers your question.
  3. HK_User

    HK_User A Productive Monkey is a Happy Monkey

    This is a discussion group.
  4. vonslob

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    Wrong, amex is not a credit card, you have to pay off the balance each month, thus no credit. As I stated earlier to get an American express card you need to have above average credit, a better credit score than what discover, visa, and mastercard demand. If you want a discussion then get your facts right. For the record I rather have a ban than have my posts deleted.
    Edit. I saw your response to my post as trolling. If I am wrong, explain why
  5. HK_User

    HK_User A Productive Monkey is a Happy Monkey

    Me thinks you misunderstand the word CREDIT or Maybe you prefer CREDIT LINE aka Line of Credit.

    Credit Definition
    n. noun

    • 1. An arrangement for deferred payment of a loan or purchase. a store that offers credit; bought my stereo on credit.
    • 2. The terms governing such an arrangement. low prices and easy credit.
    • 3. The time allowed for deferred payment. an automatic 30-day credit on all orders.
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  6. vonslob

    vonslob Monkey++

    24 hrs of accounting, 12 hrs of finance, completing and passing the CFP course, and sitting for the enrolled agent exam makes me well versed in the ways of credit. What are your credentials.
  7. HK_User

    HK_User A Productive Monkey is a Happy Monkey

    Credentials? I have more than I owe.
  8. vonslob

    vonslob Monkey++

    What does that mean. An american express card is not a credit card, it is a charge card. If you do not know the difference then you should not comment on financial topics because it would add nothing positive to the conversation. I have forgotten more about personal finance that you know, imo. What is next you going to call me out on a tax question. Bring it.
  9. HK_User

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    You need to take a break.

    1. Credit card | Define Credit card at... cardCached
      noun 1. a card that identifies a person as entitled to have food, merchandise, services, etc., billed on a charge account.
    2. charge′ account`

      an account, esp. in retailing, that permits a customer to buy goods and be billed at a later date.
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  10. vonslob

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    Really, you troll me and then you tell me I need a break.
  11. HK_User

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    No troll here.

    This is what AMEX just told me.
    Sandra: I'm with American Express and we have several charge cards and credit cards. Each card is embedded with different benefits and rewards.

    Sandra: Are you looking at a certain card or trying to figure out which card is best for you?

    you: What is the difference in a Charge Card and Credit Card, don't they both require a line of credit to be awarded a member.

    Sandra: A charge card has no pre-set spending limit and requires you to pay your bill in full each month with no interest. No pre-set spending limit, gives you purchasing power that adjusts with your use of the Card and other factors. No pre-set spending limit does not mean unlimited spending. Purchasing power adjusts with your use of the Card, your payment history, credit record and financial resources known to us, and other factors.

    Sandra: A credit card will have a line of credit determined for the account and you will have the flexibility to either pay your bill in full or carry a balance on the account each month.

    Sandra: What are you looking for in a new card?

    you: Why would I want one above the other?

    Sandra: It's really a personal choice.

    It's all just a head game by AMEX.

    Bye I'm done.
  12. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Enough. Thread locked. Take the quibbling to PMs, or better yet, ignore each other.
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