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Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by sticks65, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. sticks65

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    These are the tools i like to take with me when im camping in the woods.

    Ive read the one knife to survive and know it is possible to survive with one knife,with a knife you can make fire,build shelter,make traps and so on but why rough it.

    As George Washington Sears [Nessmuk]said why rough it when you can smooth it.

    So here is my woods kit.

    From top to bottom.

    Draper folding saw,sometimes a clean cut is needed and this saw is perfect for the job of cutting small branches close to the tree so as not to harm the tree.

    Case XX folder,nice little knife for gutting and skinning small game and for gutting fish,i also like to use this knife to eat with.

    60 year old Finnish Leuku,8" blade,This knife is an all rounder.

    A little whittling knife i hammer forged from very old English Sheffield carbon steel.

    An Awl i made from carbon steel.

    Eric Frost of Sweden spoon knife,good for making bowls,cups and spoons.

    Also i take a bow saw blade for those bigger jobs as you can easily constuct a bow saw from ash wood,this is kept in my billycan.

    On the right of the photo is a tube with a cork which is used for tapping trees.

    On the left is a 1958 MOD scotch eyed auger which is used for tapping trees and making furniture around camp.

    And last of all is a Vintage Brades criteric 312 hatchet,this belonged to my Grandad.
  2. hog

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    Nice set of bushcrafting kit you got there Bru. Just about all you need for the chores and jobs outside.
  3. sticks65

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    Id like to get a double bit axe so i can build a mini log cabin,just big enough for bad and a fire would do.
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  4. Bear

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    Picked up a couple Helle Knives...
    Model... Eggen, a viking (cause it was cool) and another one I can't remember the name...
    Oh and a bearded axe modeled after an actual one found....

    Any thoughts on the Helle knives .....
  5. Brokor

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    Love me the Case knives. ;) Heck of a setup for an islander! Best to you -stay low!

    I have several knives I like to take out with me: My folder, a skinner, a folding fillet, and if needed -my saw, tomahawk, and all purpose Valkman. I totally agree with you, too. Why have just 1 blade? Specialized tools and a small assortment of blades will save you time and energy in the field.
  6. Hispeedal2

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    Very cool!

    I am always scouring pawn shops and old antique stores for those older hand tools. Sometimes, good prices can be found (is some collector thinks they aren't worth much). I have newer power tools, but I just like working with hand tools better.

    Like Dick Proenneke said.... the rhythm of the saw is relaxing.

    I need a wood auger....
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  7. sticks65

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    Yep I also like working with hand tools and I feel it puts you more in touch with whatever it is you are making.
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  8. sticks65

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    No need to stay Low brother,All legal to carry and use in the UK for Camping,hunting,bushcraft and fishing.

    You can have a 10" blade for camping,the folder is legal EDC,saw is legal,Hatchet is legal for camping & bushcraft.

    Most people think knives are banned in the UK but this is more propaganda than truth,if you have a need and reason for carrying a tool then it is legal.

    I got stopped by the Police one night walking home and they found my folding knife and tried to tell me it was illegal and they would have to confiscate it,I told them that they need to brush up on UK law or they where trying to pull one over on me and keep the knife for themselves.
    They got a little shirty at this and threatened to arrest me so I told them to go ahead because it would be them that look silly in court as my knife is totally legal as an EDC in the UK and maybe they should radio through to there desk Sgt and ask someone who knows the law.

    The desk Sgt asked the length of the blade and when they told him he said let him go on his way and they looked shocked,I honestly think that they really didn't know the law.
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  11. Yard Dart

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    Good looking tools!!!
  12. NotSoSneaky

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    Interesting thread. I've been doing some whittling/carving lately.

    I feel a need to make an attempt at carving some spoons. [tongue]
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  13. vonslob

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    Dune runner those are some nice tools. I too carry a couple of different knives/tools when I go out. Buck 110, a Swiss Army knife , and a fixed blade ( right now a sog field pup). Also a small pair of corona hand shears, a corona folding saw, and a bow saw blade. I am new to hatchets and axes and still trying to find my way . I have cut and split a lot of wood but use chain saw, and a maul and wedge. So I am trying out different things. I have a roofing hammer that I have kinda of changed the blade profile. I like that it has a hammer head, my thinking is that it would be a tool that serves two purposes. Would like to try out a tomahawk.
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  14. kellory

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    Don't do it! the head of a roofing hatchet is made that way on purpose. the length of the plane as a reference for the amount of shingle exposed. it is not designed for the amount of stress you're talking about. Talk with @Bear about what it would take to recut the head.
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  15. vonslob

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    That is good to know. I will ask around and get advice.
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  16. stg58

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    Spare hickory axe, maul and hatchet handles are items I stock.
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  17. D2wing

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    For sustained outdoor living I would add a splitting maul and wedges. Not only for firewood but you can split logs to make planks, rails and things like skis. Splitting works best when the logs are frozen, and straight grain woods split better than others.
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