Top-secret UFO files could ‘gravely damage’ US national security, Navy says

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    I remember Mach 1's the rest,Not so much?
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    @sec_monkey ".. .. uv cuz they is real .. .. they is made in the USA too .. .. most of em anyhow .. ..
    a few is made in china plus russia plus plus "

    I don't believe that can be true. If they were USA made then why would DoD or and of the Agencies allow those pilots to talk about them and even go on Fox News etc. No way. They would have drop the hammer on those Nimitz pilots and told them if they want to keep flying then they better shut up and classified it there and then. Also, these crafts were defying the laws of physics, F-18s couldn't catch it and when they did it would do some impossible maneuver. Finally, so all these years and all these sightings were actually experimental aircraft defying physics? Bah!

    No, my guess is they are real, they can no longer hide it - yet - the fact that it could cause a countrywide panic, even a nationwide panic is why they classified the rest of the information. Why not classify it all? Because the entire damn boat was aware of it, that's what, 5000 sailors? Impossible to shut them all up, classified or not.

    One last thing, I saw these pilots on Foxnews a few years back. They were not crackpots but professionals, senior level pilots also, I think one was a Commander.

    For what it's worth here is what I think is a better article...

    Top-secret UFO files could cause "grave damage" to U.S. national security if released, Navy says - CBS News
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    'bout how to deal with aliens...

    The meeting had been called some time ago, and the attendees were a mixed lot. They had argued back and forth for most of the day, nearly coming to blows twice. Now mostly exhausted, they just sat and glared at each other. The President had listened, never interjecting himself into the dialog. Only one person had been silent that day. He'd sat at the very back, reading a report page by page, making notes that he wouldn't be allowed to keep.

    Looking at the seating chart, he was identified only by three initials, and the note, "by special invitation". When the President pointed to him, he stood, again silent. "You, Sir, have been silent all day. You are important enough to be here, what you have to say, I suspect, is worth hearing. So - tell us what's on those notes you've keeping all day."

    The man, balding and some might say a bit on the heavy side, just looked at every one of the assembled group. "You really want to hear what I have to say? I'm here mainly on sufferance. I was invited by Peter Drake, some of you may know him as Manny."

    One of the more strident of the group ventured, "And why then would you be invited? Do you have some special degree or skill?"

    "Hardly, Sir. I'm a writer, of what you call science fiction. Manny bounced some ideas off of me. I thought they had merit. I added a few of my own. I think my best claim to be here is the fact that I don't hold a PhD or fill a high level Government post."

    "In that case, perhaps you should leave." The man making the statement preened for a minute, "After all..."

    "Perhaps I should. I have a short statement to make first." Looking at his notes, he simply said, "All of you are wrong, dead wrong. Have been all day." With that, he waved at the President and started toward the door. Bedlam erupted.

    At a sign from the President, the security guards stopped him before he reached the door. After the fussing had died down, the laughter started. "Well, Son. I can't imagine anything else you could have said that would ensure I'll listen to every word you say. So, now that you have my attention, this had better be good. Start with why everyone is wrong."

    Sitting, notes spread before him, the writer began with a short statement. "You are all wrong and in every particular, because everything we as a species know about these so called Slugs would fit in a knat's navel, with room left over for an avocado pit. Which is to say, less than nothing." He looked at each of the men sitting at the table. "We have theory, supposition, guessing and frankly, outright bullshit."

    He waved his hand to forestall any arguments. "I don't even like the name Slug. These are creatures from a distant star system. Their biology is completely alien; we have no clue about their thought processes, as we have zero samples of what could pass for the language they might use. Clearly, they have had us under observation for some time. Their command of English is proof enough of that fact. As is their seemingly good grasp of some of our customs, namely graft and corruption."

    Bedlam erupted again.

    This time the President slammed his gavel on the tabletop several times. When order was restored, he tersely added "The next one of you, any of you, that speaks out of turn will be forcefully ejected. Make no mistake about that." A quick glace showed that the two security guards had magically grown to eight. Their expressions showed that they just might enjoy the tasking to eject someone...forcibly.

    "Now then, go on. It's easy to tell someone when they're wrong. In this case, you could hardly miss, eh?"

    "Yes, Sir. In that, you are most correct. We have, literally, no idea of why the aliens are here. Too many were inclined to ascribe a god-like aura to them, owing to their arrival. Too many others have assumed that because the aliens cleaned up the mess in the Ukraine, they were our friends on a benign mission to save us from ourselves." Slamming his hand on the table for emphasis, he almost shouted, "These bastards aren't our friends, they aren't our saviors, they are aliens. They will do whatever they want, any attempt to anthropomorphosize these...creatures is past dangerous, it's stupid."

    "So. What would you have us do?"

    "Simple. Do what we can, as fast as we can, to kill all of them... Manny put it best. This is a fight the death, winner takes all."

    The President would recall later, in private reflection, the phrase "The bigger the fool, the louder the argument". And so started what became known as the Firelance project.

    part of a scifi story. Will post full thing if there is any intrest
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    Do it, please. The survival reading room is not limited to directly survival and prepping books.
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    The U2 has a pretty narrow speed envelope at 70,000 feet.
    When SR71 gets up to cruise altitude it has to be above super sonic for the engines to stay lit.
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    ---> ndxLocOut
    One of my own sightings is in that listing above.

    I've seen some very interesting objects in the sky, and they were absolutely not anything we would deem Earthly. But, as far as revelations go and the fact that I am not in charge of writing a new Bible any time soon, I don't expect people to believe what I saw as gospel. Nevertheless, it is my position to conclude we are not alone in the vastness of the seemingly endless voids of space. Add to this the secret government and their deep underground military bases, the fact that there exists a black budget and trillions upon trillions of missing "money", the ever present push for global corporate enterprise, and let's be honest about this next one --out of control government. It all adds up to some pretty shady stuff. The 'powers that be' could very well create an alien invasion, either "real" or in full spectrum CIA media provided entertainment form and nobody would be the wiser. We've got it from both sides, the possibility of actual alien beings, and the secret government which holds no allegiance to anybody or any thing.
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    And we have a new United States Space Force,Real or B.S.?
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    Aaah yes .... regarding little green personhood: Personally, I have no doubt that biological or what have you being exist beyong our known realm. This whole endless teasing about almost seeing this and nearly capturing that and photographic poppy cock BS has zero appeal, sorta like bellying up to a juicy Angus burger with only the bun, no patty. Now I ask you, "where's the beef"?
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    Well, I would think that the UK government and now the US government saying they actually saw something (no excuses, no weather balloons, etc.) is a start. It has only taken us a hundreds (thousands?) of years to get to this point. LOL!

    The only question I truly have is why did they classify only a portion of the video? Strange...
  10. offgrittyt

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    You see, there it is, that's what I'm going on about, it's the never ending E.T. tease culture, no one ever produces any material evidence of any kind whatsoever. I'm not saying I'm not a firm believer in the existence of off planet life forms, I'm saying that no one has produced any corroborative evidence thus far. Zip. Zilch. Nada.
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    Hopefully the space force is a branch of the military specifically dedicated to defending the targeting and data aquistion sattelites of the USA and her allies from our only known, real threat; that being the other monkeys.
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    I knew Dr Marcel from Houma when he was practicing medicine,He has since passed away a number of years ago.
    We never discussed Roswell,However I have no reason not to believe him,After all he was there.
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    No, your point it valid but you must admit that if there was any hard evidence governments have censured, withheld or counter it by ridicule and simply muddying the waters. And, be honest, it's truly only been since around the Vietnam War period that we have begun to question our government and finding they lie through their teeth most the time. I am not saying that perhaps in the beginning they did it for a good reason, to counter panic about little green men, however that time passed long ago.

    Furthermore, the spread of education and especially the capability to obtain information (internet, digital books, video instruction, satellite classrooms, etc.) has exploded in the last 50 years so most people have access to information not only about sightings but what experts think and say about them which don't jive with swamp gas, weather balloons, or freak storms. I think this is why they are finally coming forward because they can't keep the lid on it anymore - I mean - an entire crew of sailors on the Nimitz (~5000) either saw this thing via Mark I eyeballs or via electronic means and the pilots (to include senior pilots) got actual gun camera film of it. What's to deny? How can they twist it? They can't.

    And, if they classified the entire scenario it would have made the situation much, much worse - swear 5000 sailors to silence about something like this would have blown up in their face - so... But, I do wonder what was on the portion of the video they did classify (they didn't classify all of it)...that portion of the puzzle doesn't make sense so guessing I would bet something only the pilots saw it and whatever it was was so unbelievable it would cause panic or ??? Perhaps the pilots were ordered to bring it down (that's enough to classify it) and the results were not exactly what they expected...? Perhaps it communicated with them, "Get off my Six Ape man!" LOL! Whatever it was it is something they don't want the public to know...

    @Gator 45/70 Good video! People like this are not whackos nor are they actors...which pretty much are one and the same. Furthermore, many like him, are professionals, highly educated, no axe to grind, nothing to gain but ridicule so...frankly, I would believe them before I would believe one word from ANY government agency.
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    That's right,There's a whole lot of wasted space out there if we are the only ones in it.........
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    If the "whole truth" were to be released (and the US government and other governments know the whole truth), it would first devastate the world's economies (ie: stock markets) in that the 'oil economy' as we know it would be shown to be completely obsolete, and further more... it would radically change your world view (in that you are merely an insignificant bag of meat on a spec of dust) paradigms--especially those people who hold deep religious views (in that everything you currently believe in is false--of all faiths BTW).

    This scenario has been gamed by TPTB in the past and it achieved the results I outlined above. This is why they keep a lid on this whole thing. It is about maintaining control and keeping the meters on the gas and electricity. All your beliefs (especially religious) are about control and keeping you on 'the reservation.' You pursue ponzi-chits (with no value) on a belief system--and exchange them with other fools for goods and services who also believe they have value when in fact a cereal box-top has more value.

    I can go on and on about this--but you get the picture.

    The US government is in contact with one or more extraterrestrial civilizations since the 1950's.
    The extent of this is probably one of the most closely guarded secrets on this planet currently.
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    I don't get how releasing the info would be damaging to national security. If it is real and they've already been here, how is knowledge of that damaging to the country?
    Oh, I get that people might freak out, but hey it's 2020, what's the worst that can happen.
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    Maybe they have the answer to Covid!
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    the c c p virus wuz quite possibly engineered to be resistant to dis :( :(

    in all seriousness now, the Oxford vaccine and the alternate vaccine the US Gov purchased recently are promising however the side effects might be pretty bad :cry: :cry:
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    QAnon, anyone?
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