TOPS Moccasin Ranger

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    I am no stranger to knives and have around 50 give or take. Most are hunting knives and pocket (old school) knives. Had alot more but had to supply my girls, son in laws and grand kids with at least one quality knife. My endeavors in knives and preparedness led me to began focusing on heavier duty field/utility type of knives. On this, I have a Knives of Alaska Camp knife (excellent) and a K-Bar. I recently attended a gun show in Reno and stopped by the TOPS booth. I was handling their knives and they felt pretty good and you could tell they were of very good quality but as I stated earlier I have alot of really good hunting knives and am fickle. One of the reps said here, try this......and handed me the Moccasin Ranger, my first impression was "a bit heavy" until I wrapped my fingers around the handle and HOLLY C*&^*, this is one nice knife. Sharp as a razor, thick 3/8 I believe and my new best friend. It will be the blade on my hip right across from my XD-40 and Colt AR-15 across my shoulder. If you get a chance, hold one and you to will have a new best friend.
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    tops_Moccasin_Ranger. Tops Moccasin Ranger

    Length (blade) 6 1/2" (overall) 11 3/4" / 1095 steel / HRC 58 / Kydex sheath / 19.3 oz. overall weight with sheath / Made in USA

    Great job, Grundog. Looking forward to your follow up posts on its use and how the knife has held up for you. :)
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    Thanks Brokor and thanks for the assist on the review.
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  4. I do like the look of this knife. Any follow up? Anyone else have opinions?
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    That is an impressive knife, thanks for posting.
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    Amazon has the Tops Moccasin Ranger for $124.95 thinking about buying one if I do I will use the SM click through link.
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    You won't regret it. Mine is setting beside me as I type. I think I paid 160 for mine, and don't regret a single penny. If you get one, let me know what you think of her.
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