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    Hi, I've just put out a new stable Tor release. It is not a high-urgency item for most clients and relays, but directory authorities should upgrade. Right now, the source is available on the website, and packages should become available one their maintainers build them.

    Tor fixes a bit of dodgy code in parsing INTRODUCE2 cells, and fixes an authority-side bug in assigning the HSDir flag. All directory authorities should upgrade.

    Changes in version - 2015-05-21
    • Major bugfixes (hidden services, backport from
      • Revert commit that made directory authorities assign the HSDir flag to relay without a DirPort; this was bad because such relays can't handle BEGIN_DIR cells. Fixes bug 15850; bugfix on tor-
    • Minor bugfixes (hidden service, backport from
      • Fix an out-of-bounds read when parsing invalid INTRODUCE2 cells on a client authorized hidden service. Fixes bug 15823; bugfix on
    • Minor features (geoip):
      • Update geoip to the April 8 2015 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country database.
      • Update geoip6 to the April 8 2015 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country database.

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