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    Here comes another stable release!

    Tor version fixes a major bug in entry guard selection, as well as a minor bug in hidden service reliability. (For more information on the guard bug, see Roger's preliminary analysis.

    You can download the source from the usual place on the website. Packages should be up within a few days.

    Changes in version - 2015-12-10

    • Major bugfixes (guard selection):
      • Actually look at the Guard flag when selecting a new directory guard. When we implemented the directory guard design, we accidentally started treating all relays as if they have the Guard flag during guard selection, leading to weaker anonymity and worse performance. Fixes bug 17772; bugfix on Discovered by Mohsen Imani.
    • Minor features (geoip):
      • Update geoip and geoip6 to the December 1 2015 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country database.
    • Minor bugfixes (compilation):
      • When checking for net/pfvar.h, include netinet/in.h if possible. This fixes transparent proxy detection on OpenBSD. Fixes bug 17551; bugfix on Patch from "rubiate".
      • Fix a compilation warning with Clang 3.6: Do not check the presence of an address which can never be NULL. Fixes bug 17781.
    • Minor bugfixes (correctness):
      • When displaying an IPv6 exit policy, include the mask bits correctly even when the number is greater than 31. Fixes bug 16056; bugfix on Patch from "gturner".
      • The wrong list was used when looking up expired intro points in a rend service object, causing what we think could be reachability issues for hidden services, and triggering a BUG log. Fixes bug 16702; bugfix on
      • Fix undefined behavior in the tor_cert_checksig function. Fixes bug 17722; bugfix on

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