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    Tor has been released! You can download the source from the Tor website. Packages should be available over the next week or so.

    Tor is the second release candidate in the Tor 0.2.8 series. If we find no new bugs or regressions here, the first stable 0.2.8 release will be identical to it. It has a few small bugfixes against previous versions.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is a release candidate. We think that we solved all of the showstopper bugs, but we also thought the same thing about crucial bugs may remain. Please only run this release if you're willing to test and find bugs. If no showstopper bugs are found, we'll be putting out as a stable release.

    Changes in version - 2016-07-07

    • Directory authority changes:
      • Urras is no longer a directory authority. Closes ticket 19271.
    • Major bugfixes (heartbeat):
      • Fix a regression that would crash Tor when the periodic "heartbeat" log messages were disabled. Fixes bug 19454; bugfix on tor- Reported by "kubaku".
    • Minor features (build):
      • Tor now again builds with the recent OpenSSL 1.1 development branch (tested against 1.1.0-pre6-dev). Closes ticket 19499.
      • When building manual pages, set the timezone to "UTC", so that the output is reproducible. Fixes bug 19558; bugfix on Patch from intrigeri.
    • Minor bugfixes (fallback directory selection):
      • Avoid errors during fallback selection if there are no eligible fallbacks. Fixes bug 19480; bugfix on Patch by teor.
    • Minor bugfixes (IPv6, microdescriptors):
      • Don't check node addresses when we only have a routerstatus. This allows IPv6-only clients to bootstrap by fetching microdescriptors from fallback directory mirrors. (The microdescriptor consensus has no IPv6 addresses in it.) Fixes bug 19608; bugfix on
    • Minor bugfixes (logging):
      • Reduce pointlessly verbose log messages when directory servers can't be found. Fixes bug 18849; bugfix on and Patch by teor.
      • When a fallback directory changes its fingerprint from the hard- coded fingerprint, log a less severe, more explanatory log message. Fixes bug 18812; bugfix on Patch by teor.
    • Minor bugfixes (Linux seccomp2 sandboxing):
      • Allow statistics to be written to disk when "Sandbox 1" is enabled. Fixes bugs 19556 and 19957; bugfix on and respectively.
    • Minor bugfixes (user interface):
      • Remove a warning message "Service [scrubbed] not found after descriptor upload". This message appears when one uses HSPOST control command to upload a service descriptor. Since there is only a descriptor and no service, showing this message is pointless and confusing. Fixes bug 19464; bugfix on
    • Fallback directory list:
      • Add a comment to the generated fallback directory list that explains how to comment out unsuitable fallbacks in a way that's compatible with the stem fallback parser.
      • Update fallback whitelist and blacklist based on relay operator emails. Blacklist unsuitable (non-working, over-volatile) fallbacks. Resolves ticket 19071. Patch by teor.
      • Update hard-coded fallback list to remove unsuitable fallbacks. Resolves ticket 19071. Patch by teor.

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