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    During the month of December, we're highlighting other organizations and projects that rely on Tor, build on Tor, or are accomplishing their missions better because Tor exists. Check out our blog each day to learn about our fellow travelers. And please support the Tor Project! We're at the heart of Internet freedom.
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    [​IMG] was started back in 1999 after the WTO protests in Seattle. They provide online communication tools, including email, chat, file uploads and collaborative platforms for people and groups working on liberatory social change. Riseup is a project to create democratic alternatives and to practice self-determination through the control of secure means of communication.

    The Riseup collective is made up of many "birds" who believe it is vital that essential communication infrastructure be controlled by movement organizations and not by corporations or governments.

    They strive to keep mail as secure and private as possible. They do not log your IP address. (Most services keep detailed records of every machine that connects to their servers. Riseup only keeps information that cannot be used to uniquely identify your machine). All of your data, including your mail, is stored by in encrypted form. They work hard to keep their servers secure and well defended against any malicious attack. They do not share any of their user data with anyone. They actively fight all attempts to subpoena or otherwise acquire any user information or logs. They do not read, search, or process any of your incoming or outgoing mail, other than by automatic means to protect you from viruses and spam or when directed to do so by you when troubleshooting.

    Some of the Riseup birds work tirelessly on building secure email infrastructure, one of them runs longclaw, one of our amazing directory authorities, and all of them are dedicated to building a better Internet—and thus, incidentally, a better world. Oh, and they also run two fast Tor exit nodes, wagtail and pipit.

    In addition, for years Riseup has been providing Onion Services for each of their services. Start using them today here!

    We also can't thank them enough for writing this Onion Service Best Practices Guide, helping countless users and services around the Internet to be more secure, and truly making everyone not part of a DarkWeb but rather a SecureWeb (tm).

    We hope we can continue this close relationship with Riseup. So many Tor users around the world depend on them for protection. Please visit our bird friends at Riseup and support their critical work!

    And don't forget to donate to the Tor Project and get involved!

    Thank you for reading, and soon enjoy not being in 2016 anymore! :)

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