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    During the month of December, we're highlighting other organizations and projects that rely on Tor, build on Tor, or are accomplishing their missions better because Tor exists. Check out our blog each day to learn about our fellow travelers. And please support the Tor Project today! We're at the heart of Internet freedom.


    TorBirdy automatically connects you through the Tor network whenever you log into Thunderbird email. TorBirdy also enhances the privacy settings of Thunderbird and configures it for use over the Tor network. This makes it so your location is anonymous when you check and send your email, making it more difficult for companies or governments to assemble a profile of your online activity.

    Under normal circumstances, your email provider can see your IP address whenever you check your email. In addition, your IP address is imprinted within the header of the message whenever you send an email, so the email recipient can see it. TorBirdy reroutes your email through the Tor network, effectively bouncing it around different computers across the globe before delivering it. Your email provider and the recipient of the email will see your IP address as being from a random location rather than your actual location. If you set up an email account over Tor and check your email using TorBirdy, your email can't be related back to you, greatly increasing your anonymity when it comes to using email.

    TorBirdy is an extension for Mozilla Thunderbird that is still in beta, but it is already available in 27 languages. You can download it from the Tor Project's website. Tails also ships with TorBirdy.

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