TOR Tor Browser 5.0.4 is released

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    A new stable release for Tor Browser is available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our distribution directory.

    This release features important security updates to Firefox.

    Additionally, we included Yan Zhu's fix for not leaking the Referer header when leaving a .onion domain and are shipping an updated NoScript version.

    These and all the other changes (minor bug fixes and clean-ups) can be found in the complete changelog since 5.0.3:

    • All Platforms
      • Update Firefox to 38.4.0esr
      • Update NoScript to
      • Update Torbutton to
        • Bug 9263: Spoof Referer when leaving a .onion domain
        • Bug 16735: about:tor should accommodate different fonts/font sizes
        • Bug 16937: Don't translate the homepage/spellchecker dictionary string
        • Bug 17164: Don't show text-select cursor on circuit display
        • Bug 17351: Remove unused code
        • Translation updates
      • Bug 16937: Remove the en-US dictionary from non en-US Tor Browser bundles
      • Bug 17318: Remove dead ScrambleSuit bridge
      • Bug 17473: Update meek-amazon fingerprint
      • Bug 16983: Isolate favicon requests caused by the tab list dropdown
      • Bug 17102: Don't crash while opening a second Tor Browser
    • Windows
      • Bug 16906: Don't depend on Windows crypto DLLs
    • Linux
      • Bug 17329: Ensure that non-ASCII characters can be typed (fixup of #5926)

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