TOR Tor Browser 6.0a1-hardened is released

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    A new hardened Tor Browser release is available. It can be found in the 6.0a1-hardened distribution directory and on the download page for hardened builds.

    This release features important security updates to Firefox.

    Note: There is no incremental update from 5.5a6-hardened available due to bug 17858. The internal updater should work, though, doing a complete update.

    Here is the complete changelog since 5.5a6-hardened:

    • All Platforms
      • Update Firefox to 38.6.0esr
      • Update NoScript to
      • Update Torbutton to 1.9.5
        • Bug 16990: Show circuit display for connections using multi-party channels
        • Bug 18019: Avoid empty prompt shown after non-en-US update
        • Bug 18004: Remove Tor fundraising donation banner
        • Code cleanup
        • Translation updates
      • Update Tor Launcher to
        • Bug 18113: Randomly permutate available default bridges of chosen type
        • Bug 11773: Setup wizard UI flow improvements
        • Translation updates
      • Bug 17428: Remove Flashproxy
      • Bug 18115+18104+18071+18091: Update/add new obfs4 bridge
      • Bug 18072: Change recommended pluggable transport type to obfs4
      • Bug 18008: Create a new MAR Signing key and bake it into Tor Browser
      • Bug 16322: Use onion address for DuckDuckGo search engine
      • Bug 17917: Changelog after update is empty if JS is disabled
      • Bug 17790: Map the proper SHIFT characters to the digit keys (fix of #15646)

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