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    Tor Browser 7.0.4 is released boklm August 08, 2017

    Tor Browser 7.0.4 is now available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our distribution directory.

    This release features important security updates to Firefox.

    A lot of Tor Browser components have been updated in this release. Apart from the usual Firefox update (to 52.3.0esr) we include a new Tor stable release ( + an updated HTTPS-Everywhere (5.2.21) and NoScript (

    In this new release we continue to fix regressions that happened due to the transition to Firefox 52. Most notably, we avoid the scary warnings popping up when entering passwords on .onion sites without a TLS certificate (bug 21321). Handling our default start page (about:tor) has improved, too, so that using the searchbox on it is working again and it does no longer need enhanced privileges in order to function.

    The full changelog since Tor Browser 7.0.2 (for Linux since Tor Browser 7.0.3) is:

    • All Platforms
      • Update Firefox to 52.3.0esr
      • Update Tor to
      • Update Torbutton to
        • Bug 21999: Fix display of language prompt in non-en-US locales
        • Bug 18193: Don't let about:tor have chrome privileges
        • Bug 22535: Search on about:tor discards search query
        • Bug 21948: Going back to about:tor page gives "Address isn't valid" error
        • Code clean-up
        • Translations update
      • Update Tor Launcher to
        • Bug 22592: Default bridge settings are not removed
        • Translations update
      • Update HTTPS-Everywhere to 5.2.21
      • Update NoScript to
        • Bug 22362: Remove workaround for XSS related browser freezing
        • Bug 22067: NoScript Click-to-Play bypass with embedded videos and audio
      • Bug 21321: Exempt .onions from HTTP related security warnings
      • Bug 22073: Disable GetAddons option on addons page
      • Bug 22884: Fix broken about:tor page on higher security levels
    • Windows
      • Bug 22829: Remove default obfs4 bridge riemann.
      • Bug 21617: Fix single RWX page on Windows (included in 52.3.0esr)
    • OS X
      • Bug 22829: Remove default obfs4 bridge riemann.

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