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TOR Tor Messenger 0.3.0b2 is released

Discussion in 'TOR | TAILS' started by survivalmonkey, Dec 29, 2016.

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    We are pleased to announce another public beta release of Tor Messenger. This release features important improvements to the stability and security of Instantbird. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

    Tor Messenger 0.3.0b1 users will be automatically prompted to install the update (similar to Tor Browser). On installing and restarting, the update will be applied; your account settings and OTR keys will be preserved.


    Please note that Tor Messenger is still in beta. The purpose of this release is to help test the application and provide feedback. At-risk users should not depend on it for their privacy and safety.

    Linux (32-bit)

    Linux (64-bit)




    The sha256sums-signed-build.txt file containing hashes of the bundles is signed with the key 0xB01C8B006DA77FAA (fingerprint: E4AC D397 5427 A5BA 8450 A1BE B01C 8B00 6DA7 7FAA). Please verify the fingerprint from the signing keys page on Tor Project's website.


    Tor Messenger 0.3.0b2 -- 29 December, 2016

    • All Platforms
      • Use the tor-browser-45.6.0esr-6.0-1-build1 tag on tor-browser
      • Use the THUNDERBIRD_45_6_0_RELEASE tag on comm-esr45
      • Update ctypes-otr to 0.0.4
      • Update tor-browser to 6.0.8
      • Don't allow javascript: links in themes
      • Permit storing cert. exceptions in private browsing mode
      • Bugzilla 1321420: Add a pref to disable JavaScript in browser requests
      • Bugzilla 1321641: Disable svg and mathml in content

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