TOR Tor Open Hack Day in Berlin (for everyone)

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    We are very happy to tell you that the Tor meeting in Berlin is currently underway!

    During the past days we've been busy discussing the future of Tor as an organization and designing the protocols and features that we want to see in the future.


    We would like to inform you that tomorrow (Thursday, October 1st) we will be
    having an open day where everyone is welcome to come and discuss Tor
    with us. People interested in Tor are welcome regardless of their
    background or skills.

    The meeting is taking place at Betahaus in Berlin all day, and you can find more information in the wiki.

    Looking forward to see you here!

    Thank you!

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    Fingers on the WASD keys...she's gaming. The lady to her right is comfortably watching since her Tor browser has another 10 minutes to load. The guy with the Apple is irritated and too caught up in finding software which is compatible for his alien technology.
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