TOR TorBirdy 0.1.4: Bug Fix Release

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    We are happy to announce the release of TorBirdy 0.1.4. This is a bug-fix release, which fixes an issue with TorBirdy 0.1.3 that prevents Thunderbird from starting if three or more than three IMAP accounts are configured. This was reported by users in several tickets (#14099, #13982, #13722, #14007, #14130) and affects all platforms.

    Changes in TorBirdy 0.1.4

    0.1.4, 09 March 2015
    * Fix bug that prevented Thunderbird with TorBirdy 0.1.3 from starting
    in profiles with more than three IMAP accounts (closes #14099, #13982,
    #13722, #14007, #14130)

    Technical Explanation

    This bug was due to a variable in a for lop that was declared twice and was affecting the enumeration of an outer loop (lines 521 and 531 in components/torbirdy.js) used to iterate over IMAP accounts. Please see commit 625f80e in the TorBirdy repository for the fix.

    Users who are not affected by this issue (less than three IMAP accounts configured) may also upgrade but note that this release does not introduce any new features.

    We offer two ways of installing TorBirdy -- either by visiting our website (GPG signature) or by visiting the Mozilla Add-ons page for TorBirdy. Please note that there may be a delay -- which can range from a few hours to days -- before the extension is fully reviewed by Mozilla and updated on the Add-ons page.

    As a general anonymity and security note: we are still working on two known anonymity issues with Mozilla. Please make sure that you read the Before Using TorBirdy and Known TorBirdy Issues sections on the wiki before using TorBirdy.

    We had love help with getting our patches accepted, or anything that you think will help improve TorBirdy!

    Feel free to follow along with the release on the tor-talk mailing list.

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