TOR TorBirdy 0.2.1 is released

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    We are pleased to announce the seventh beta release of TorBirdy: TorBirdy 0.2.1.

    This release fixes an annoying usability issue where TorBirdy sets the calendar timezone to UTC thus overriding the local timezone and breaking the calendar functionality; see commit 3ea8e5d and Bug 20157 for more information.

    If you are using TorBirdy for the first time, visit the wiki to get started.

    There are currently no known leaks in TorBirdy but please note that we are still in beta, so the usual caveats apply.

    Here is the complete changelog since v0.2.0 (released on 23 June 2016):

    0.2.1, 30 Nov 2016
    * Bug 20157: Do not set calendar timezone to UTC
    * Bug 20750, 20644: Ensure RSS feeds are displayed in plain text
    * Revert setting no_proxies_on to an empty string (see commit b2f6a45b)
    * Added support for automatic configuration of email accounts

    We offer two ways of installing TorBirdy: by visiting our website (GPG signature; signed by 0xB01C8B006DA77FAA) or by visiting the Mozilla Add-ons page for TorBirdy. Please note that there may be a delay -- which can range from a few hours to days -- before the extension is reviewed by Mozilla and updated on the Add-ons page.

    (Packages for Debian GNU/Linux will be created and uploaded shortly.)

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