Torches and pitch forks.. we've been robbed!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by UGRev, Jan 5, 2010.

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    I swear to God.. I know I cannot be the only one stark, raving mad at being swindled. PLEASE God.. please please please.. give me the strength to lead men, for I see no one else willing to raise his sword; to rally lost men.
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    FBI is literally FULL of accountants and deals with fraud all the time, I fail to understand why no one seems to be persuing this stuff...
    and I'll bet Jim Cramer is out there every night yelling "buy buy buy booyahs!"...
    He was in on alot of this stuff at the beginning and admits to using his platform( tv show) to influence stocks and make a ton of money.
    I only watch "discovery" or "history" channel anymore; even Fox/cnn has left me cold, I'm dangerously close to total withdrawal from what passes as "society"...

    Rading he article I see the banks are buying more crap only to sell it back. Somewhere along the way "normal" folks wrote these programs and no one thought anybody would continue to buy crap, so a simple line cutting off reimbursements after a certain date was not included in the "law". They're (banks are ) not following the idea of the bailout, (i.e. "get out of bad debt"). Aslong as somebody provides a market for useless paper, it'll exist.
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