Tornados, chemical spills, gas leaks, trains derailed. But the bacon is safe.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ditch witch, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. ditch witch

    ditch witch I do stupid crap, so you don't have to

    Last night we set a record for the most tornadoes in a single evening in Texas... so I read somewhere. Twelve total with four just in my county (five depending on who you are asking), including this mile wide monster that spawned over our heads and soon landed just east of us. (not my pic, credits are included when known)

    Lucky photographer caught this epic shot from the south side. twister.
    Tornados are unusual this time of year, let alone in this quantity or magnitude. We had warning so when the winds here went 0-70 mph in 30 seconds we were prepared. Or so I thought, until I saw rabbit cages go flying across the yard. They were empty, but landed in one of the rabbit pens on top of the buns. Behind me a neighbor's 10x10 dog kennel was sent through a fence and into her back door. The fence is destroyed... however the heat lamps inside the kennel are perfectly fine without a single crack.

    Then the texts started rolling in from friends who are with the fire departments and emergency management. The monster that went over us had just leveled Haliburton, and reports of a huge chemical spill were coming in. Haliburton had closed up shop a month ago so we weren't sure how that'd happen but who knows what they store at those places. Damage reports started coming out, a house completely trashed not too far from my in-laws. A train derailed about 20 miles further. Power outages all over.

    We got lucky on this one. I have some freaked out rabbits and dogs, some downed limbs out front, few new dents in the cages, but otherwise we're untouched. His family all lived along the path it took but no one got anything worse than some random wind damage. I think they all have their power back on now though I know around 800 a little to their east are still in the dark. The chemical spill turned out to be a big natural gas leak, not the "radioactive material" some people were tweeting about. And of course, the bacon is safe. And going in the smoker now.

    The craziest part is... we're used to these things out here, but generally you go out the next day to clean up and it's all sunshiny and warm. Right now? Snowing, sleeting, and freezing.

    Photos come from friends, storm chasers, and me.

    haliburton. irrigation. barn. powerlines. forming.
    lastnight. finger.
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  2. oldawg

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    Glad you guys are OK DW.
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  3. ghrit

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    Glad you are safe, witchy. We can only wish the rest were as lucky.
  4. BTPost

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    God and his angles were watching over you, and the Mister... Thank the Maker....
  5. kellory

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    Glad you were not harmed:), that could have been really bad. :(
  6. ditch witch

    ditch witch I do stupid crap, so you don't have to

    No deaths and AFAIK there were no injuries. The house that was leveled, the people weren't home and their poodle was found unharmed. Looks like mostly structural damage, lot of power lines down and irrigation lines flipped over, trashed vehicles. The four rolled train cars were empty, as was Halliburton.

    While we knew it was coming, it was still unexpected. Come March everyone in this area has storm shelters ready to go, shoes by the door, flashlights and lanterns within reach. But November? Nah. We figured it'd be windy and hail a bit. And weirder still it did not *feel* like a tornado. I've been through at least a dozen. You know when it's coming. The temp drops 20 degrees in a minute, and there's this weird charge to the air. My hair literally stands up. That didn't happen. Crazy weather.
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    Thank goodness the bacon is safe!
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  8. Sapper John

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    Happy that you and you'res are safe!
  9. Gator 45/70

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    A close call for sure!
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  10. Seepalaces

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    Praying for you guys!
  11. chelloveck

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    Am glad that you, your mister and your shoe collection are safe and sound.
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  12. BTPost

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    Can you imagine, being in a Twister, and getting "Smacked up side the Head" with one of DW's Super High Heeled Shoes, traveling at 120 MPH.... Oh, the horror.....
  13. kellory

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    ....wait ....a woman, a twister and it's all about shoes?:cautious:
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  14. Gator 45/70

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    The weather is here DW!!!
  15. Witch Doctor 01

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    Glad to hear you are safe... the bacon is safe and the shoe collection is untouched... and your house is ok... gotta have priorities you know....
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  16. Brokor

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    Daggone El Nino year.
    Glad you are all safe. Thanks for the report. Awesome pictures, nature is one nasty .....ehem.
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  17. ditch witch

    ditch witch I do stupid crap, so you don't have to

    One last photo. The tornado was rated at an F3. Huge but the winds only hit 135-165. Only. :D
    This is a cornstalk driven through the radiator of a truck.
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