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    Mobile is at the other end of the state, and while I would hate it for them, it would most likely not affect me or mine. No one is going to waste a nuke on a non-offensive civilian target, those "target maps" drawn up by the CIA and DoD during the Cold War were to scare the public and Congress into funding all of their wet dreams. The USSR wasn't going to target a National Guard Armory, bridge, factory, hydro-dam, highway, hospital, court house, etc., that would have been a waste of military resources. They would target large cities, military bases, ports, transport hubs, and communication centers, which are often one-and-the-same. The bulk of the country would be untouched, except by fall-out.
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    Fuels production, military centers with air strips, large military bases, and Washington DC used to be the big 4.
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    northern AL you still have Redstone and Birmingham - unfortunately for the US the manufacturing list has shrunken to a concentrated number >> heavy industry is still on the tertiary list and with the advent of Tomahawk type boomer subs, even more so - alot of the civilian industry targets are also airport targets - dispersed USAF and Guard Air could make them primary ...
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    in this 'fantasy' scenario, there is no accounting for how the power elite will preserve their own skin. This 'fantasy' scenario solves nothing but a population problem and has the world be a nuclear wasteland for the next 200 years.

    Why would you wish that on America?
    'wiping' out xxxyyxxx city/location solves nothing. the power elites have back up locations they just move their power structure to a new location and cause the same problems.

    perhaps thinking this thru a bit deeper is in order rather than living in a 'fantasy' that we wipe out where the 'liberal' population lives.

    just saying, there are sheeple on both the conservative and the liberal side of the equation... then thera re the rest of us in the middle who dont think either 'made' up liberal/conservative platforms are 'right or righteous' leaning too far either direction, in my opinion, makes you a sheeple.
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    During WW1 and WW2 destruction of a nations heavy industry would have prevented the creation of fleets, aircraft and armies that would be needed to fight a protracted war, however a nuclear war will be fought with the weapons at hand and will be over in a matter of hours. A surprise attack needs to be like Pearl Harbor or the Six Day War...attack before your enemy has a chance to disperse their forces. Redstone has little if any offensive capabilities and Birmingham doesn't produce much iron or steel...the runways at military bases and civilian airports are the only REAL targets. During the Cold War the USSR planned to use most of their firepower on naval bases/fleets, air bases and missile silos to take out our offensive forces, with some few missiles reserved for Washington D.C. and other large cities. Destruction of resources and "fly-over country" wasn't in their game plan, as they needed our wheat and stole much of their high tech from Silicon Valley...they needed us!
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    trying REAL hard to not face facts - your area of the country is targeted - and your thinking is faulty to boot >> there isn't a military in the world that wouldn't give everything to get their hands on the technology & brainpower at Redstone - same same with WA and Boeing - Semi Valley and electronics - the list is endless ...
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    That is why they won't nuke places like Redstone/ threat and too much to lose.
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    good luck guy - hope that type of naive thinking doesn't come back to hurt someone that deserves better ...
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    The way this world is going,, it might be about time for a total reset anyway. Nuke anything , and everything,, 20 plus years from now, some bacteria like what they've found coming out of Chernobyl, can eat up the radiation and other contaminants,, and then it can sprout a newer , better , bold new world. [alien]
    I think this experiment is about over with anyway.
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    May be wrong, hope I am, but my feelings would be using small weapons against bottlenecks in our infrastructure. Very limited number of effective roads, railroads, pipelines, electrical switching in USA. Mountain ranges, major rivers, major ports, rail system hubs, pipe line connection points. could limit our ability to move fuel, electricity, food, etc from the areas where it is produced to where it is used. Anyone who has made a trip across the USA quickly found out that your route is severely limited.

    Golden hoard of starving people in my mind going to be like ants at the picnic. Seem to be unlimited and killing one allows you to see the ten that were hidden.At what point will you be able to resupply with farming and gardening or will you and the hoard, perhaps with the blessing of the system, eaten all your seed corn and livestock? Planting a crop, harvesting it, and then as in many war torn countries have the military or government take it, think Stalin and his actions against the farmers in the early days of communism. Why would any enemy military man want to destroy the massive areas of poverty in the cities? Trying to feed them , keep them contained or move the survivors to more rural areas, would be a major drain on scarce resources, while flying over the radioactive ruins of Detroit would require little resources and in the short tun, the loss of the productive resources of most cities would be minimal. The loss of the canal bypassing the Niagara Falls would be a whole different matter and the loss of the electrical distribution system and the power generated by the falls would be a major blow.

    While I try to prepare, in the Northeast USA, the government mind set, the feelings of entitlement by most of the population, the lack of suitable farmland, and the compact nature of the area, make long run survival an ever decreasing possibility.

    Avoid crowds, be as gray as possible, and have a lot of caches. Don't really worry about atomic, set up for a few months, if direct hit , gone, if not and cities are not targeted, hoard will probably destroy me or authorities will take what I have. Then question becomes when do you die and how?

    Interstate highway system. US Road Map: Interstate Highways in the United States - GIS Geography

    Major railroads US Railroad Map, US Railway Map, USA Rail Map for Routes

    Pipelines Where are the Pipelines?

    Electrical distribution system

    Nothing complete, just 10 min on line with google, but does show choke points.
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