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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Feb 14, 2012.

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    You touch my child's lunch and I'll assume that you were attempting to poison or drug my child for nefarious reasons. At that point I will resolve the issue MYSELF. And I won't be giving it a second thought.

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    I agree with you....this happen to my kid, I would probably have a David Banner moment and could not be held responsible for the results.

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    I would first check to see who did this strange act, then how they did it... ensuring a second person witnessed the "Inspection" then verify that the inspector was using safe food handling practices, and had a current health certificate... i would then ensure that my child was not beiong singled out that day and that all other student lunches were also "inspected"... if any of these things were not in compliance i would probably contact the ACLU for a lawsuit, the request for the lunch fee would be returned with a request that it be forwarded to to individual responsible for requiring it pay it as a turkey and cheese sandwich is healthier than fried chicken nuggets ... following my lawsuit which i would obviously win i would spend my ill gotten gains on nedded preps and a new lunch box for my child...:D
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